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What are the best deals on eBay and Amazon after Cyber Monday?

Santa isn’t the only one making a list this season. Shoppers everywhere are making their own lists — Black Friday lists that is. Before you hit the stores on Nov. 24, know that when it comes to great deals, Amazon and eBay have you covered. So whether you were already out and about or about to see what the rest of cyber Monday week has to offer, sit down, grab your coffee and let’s discuss some of the best deals we’ve seen in years from these two internet eCommerce GIANTS!

These are our picks for the 10 best deals, after Black Friday.


  1. 23andMe DNA Test

For the 23andME DNA test, Amazon offers it for a record low price of 99.99. It’s never seen this price tag before in the last year or so that it has been out on Amazon and for the 50% price drop that it had today it is more than a great deal to be at the top of your Black Friday List today.

23andme main image

2. Save on Instant Pot DUO80 8

Every home needs a new crock pot. With the price dropping down to $81.99 from $120.00, this savings of almost 40% are well worth it. If you spend some time reading the reviews you’ll find that even at $120.00 the slow cooker is still one of the best bargains for the price point (if not THE best pressure cooker). The brand itself is pretty well renowned by thousands of people and it seems as though they rarely get negative comments about the product itself. These are one of the few products on here that I HIGHLY recommend to anyone getting a new place or if you’re in college, It makes cooking much easier and the process a lot faster.

instant crock pot

3. Save up to 50% on the OVACOS Vacuum Cleaner

With a best seller tag and a cool 50% off from the original price, this robotic helper will remind you about things that you didn’t know you needed, but are glad you finally have.  At a quite low for robotic vacuums ($149.98) even after a 50% mark down, the robotic sucker upper is pretty handy according to the reviews that it has been getting lately. It’s smart app enabled, connects to your wifi, and has a better tracker than previous models allowing it to really get in deep and dirty with all the pet hair, little fluff and dust bunnies running around. It’s got a pretty big price drop from the original $300.00 dollars and with the average reviewer score being a 4.3 out of the almost 1500 reviews it’s gotten it is DEFINITELY one of the best price drop down and products on this list for our 2017 Black Friday List.

deebot robotic vacuum cleaner

4. TOPGREENER TU2154A High Speed USB Charger Outlet

For those of you who just bought a house this year, moved into a new place or are just handy with the electrical side of things, start looking at USB Outlets for small renovation projects around the area. It has been mentioned by many top Home and Garden sites that even replacing your wall outlets with brand new ones or switching to newer, more modern receptacles make a HUGE difference if you’re looking to sell or buy a home. According to Forbes Magazine

“If you live in an old house, chances are, two-prong-receptacle outlets outnumber grounded, three-prong outlets in your home. Adding more three-prong outlets is a small project that can greatly improve the functionality of your home. If you can find outlets with USB’s on them, then you have yourself a winner.”


5. Save $20 on Echo Dot

The most ubiquitous personal assistant so far has been Alexa, an Amazon-powered attendant that has made the jump from a $180 tower to the $50 Dot and today its just 29.99 with a 40% discount direct from amazon, which isn’t much bigger than a hockey puck. That sort of drop in size usually results in a loss of features. But not with the Dot, it comes with everything packed into the Amazon echo (which is also on sale to day, check it out here). Pick up the Dot before it runs out, im sure its flying off Amazon’s shelves today and wont be long before they are all sold out.

amazon echo dt blog

6. $100 App Store & iTunes Code for only $85

For today only you can pick up an Apple $100 gift card for only $85. You read that right, ONLY $85!! I mean, in what world is this not a deal? That is a $15 dollar discount on 100 for doing nothing. It’s like someone offering you a hundred dollar bill for less money for no reason at all. You can buy 100 songs for the price of 85 or you can buy a game and spend the rest of the $99 dollars on upgrading your level 1 mage with a wood staff. Point is, its a $100 gift card for $85 dollars, i think it speaks for itself, and by the amount that they have already sold today. 10,000 other people agree with me.

100 dollar apple gift card blog ebay

7. adidas Originals Kids’ Stan Smith shoes

With an extra $5 gift card from ebay, that leaves the shoes for only $35.00 today. The deal isn’t going to last much longer since eBay is replacing their exclusive Black Friday deals by the hour but if any of you see this within the hour that this is being written (11/24/2017 2:57pm PST) then you are a lucky fellow and you have just picked up some brand new adidas white/green Stan Smith’s for under $40.


adidas stan smith blog ebay

8. TOPGREENER’s TU2152A 2 Pack

We already mentioned earlier how some of the cheapest ways to improve your home are to replace all the outlets in your home with new, more modern, switches. This isn’t an exemption. The TU2152A is a powerful little guy pushing out 2.1amps of power to your iPhones and Galaxy Phones right on the money. You can buy the 2 pack for $22.38 which brings each usb outlet down to a little over $11 dollars. That is the lowest price on any usb outlet we have ever seen. Catch the deal today on eBay’s daily deals page for a chance to snag a couple and make your home look and be a little more than before.tu2152a ebay blog black friday

9. New HP 15.6″ Touch Intel Quad Core Laptop

With eBay absolutely killing it this year, there’s no wonder why more and more people are switching to eBay for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Especially with brand name items like Apple, HP, Samsung, Sony, KitchenAide, Microsoft, DJI, Acer and so much more! The price on this laptop is originally $649.99 but eBay and HP have partnered up and have dropped the price to $279.99 for the day. Its crazy to think that some of these device, had they come out 5 years ago would have easily had price tags of over $1000, and for today on Black Friday, you can pick up this laptop for under $300. That still seems absolutely crazy to me. It’s at a whopping 56% off and it’s on limited quantity so get yours fast before they’re gone…or at least until Cyber Monday gets here..


10. Last but not least, TOPGREENER’s Heavy Duty TGT02 Programmable Timer

With Christmas literally around the corner, one more month, Geez. You can’t go wrong with a plug in timer that’s essentially made to program everything that has to do with your holiday lighting. Especially with the price dropping down from $26.99 to $13.99. That’s almost a 50% discount and free shipping with Prime. I’m sure it will drop even more for Cyber Monday, but these little timers are running out fast, I cant imagine they’d have anymore by the time Cyber Monday comes around.


So there you have it internet. Some of the best deals that we could find around amazon and eBay.

Personally though, as far as brand name items, eBay is killing the game right now, from electronics to clothing and electrical and furniture. If you’re looking for brand named goods eBay was definitely your one way stop this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Especially for Cyber Monday week. If their prices were already this low for Black Friday I cant image how much lower their prices could possibly get. But I’m sure they will keep dropping. And for us, that only means more savings on everything we order!

Are you all shopping on Amazon or eBay, and why? What are some deals that you all have found on these sites if not other ones? Post them below and let us know what else you guys find!