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What a Timer Can Do For You

“Look mom, no hands!!”

riding bike with no hands

Riding a bike is so much fun, and even more fun with no hands.  What else can you do with no hands?  (No, using your knee to control the steering wheel does not mean you can drive with no hands.  It means you can get a ticket!)

With Kitchenaid and other stand mixers you can mix dough with no hands.

You can “look up” stuff online hands free with Alexa and Siri.

Thanks to headphones with built-in microphones, I can talk on the phone with no hands!

earphones with microphone

In a nutshell, we all love doing tasks with no hands.  You can imagine my excitement when Bluetooth was discovered.  This meant handsfree PLUS wireless!  And this was not just for phones.  Bluetooth technology is applicable to a wide range of electronic devices.   It allows remote connection between Bluetooth-enabled devices.

What’s next?

I don’t really know, to be honest.  The whole handsfree wireless sector is pretty on the ball.  But take a step back and look at some of their distant relatives.  I’m talking about timers.


Timers?  Like the one your mom set when you’re in time-out?  Or like the one you use to tell you when the cookies are done?

kitchen timer

Kind of.  But not quite.

A timer allows for a handsfree, wireless type of feeling.  You can use it to control energy, and it’s even better when you can preprogram the control.  Today I’m talking about the Top Greener TGT02.  Why?  Because a timer is a fun and convenient device used to control electronics. It’s even more fun when you’re using one of the most advanced programmable plug-in timers of all time.

Current Deals on the TGT02 Programmable Timer

topgreener TGT02 programmable timer

The best part?  There are promotions right now that you can take advantage of to get this programmable plug-in timer at a discount!

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How to Use a Timer Outdoors

Holiday Lighting

Outdoor Christmas lights residential

The most common application of the TGT02 is for lighting.  A light switch timer controls the on/off time of lights.  At Christmas time, this is a popular product because you can control your lights to save electricity.  No more tucking yourself into bed at night, only to have the thought “Did I unplug the Christmas lights?” disrupt your sleep.


lawn sprinkler

Outdoors you can also use this timer for garden lighting if you tend to your garden at night.  You can also rely on this timer when you are out of town, to deliver the right amount of water to your plants on time if you set it up with your hydroponics system.  Then you don’t need to pay a stranger to hopefully remember to come in and water your plants every day.

Front Porch

front porch light

It’s also great for the front porch.  Some people don’t like having that light on all night, but it’s easy to forget to turn it off.  You can program this timer ahead of time, and then forget about it!

How to Use a Timer Indoors

Lamps and Lights

The Top Greener TGT02 can also be used for indoor lighting.  One of our customers reported setting it up with a lamp.  “I bought this plug-in programmable outlet timer so I can program my lamp to be on before I get home so it won’t be so dark when I get home…the timer is working the way that I program it.” Another customer agreed saying, “This is perfect for those who are away from home after dark.”

living room lamp

Other customers who use this on lamps really like the random feature for when they are out of town.  When the random feature is used, the timer turns the lamp on and off at random times within it preprogrammed times to make it look like someone is still home.

Space Heaters

space heater

One customer said he uses it with a space heater and programs the heater to kick on an hour before he gets home from work so that his living room is warmed up when he arrives.  Others like it on space heaters in the morning hours.  “This timer is working perfectly and controls the space heater we have located in our entry foyer in the house. It is so nice to have that turn on and warm up our boots so they are not so cold first thing in the morning when heading to work/school.”


black router

The TGT02 isn’t just great for lights.  We had a mom comment that she uses the timer on her router to control her son’s gaming time.  “I don’t have to hound him to get off his Xbox, the internet just simply stops working!” she exclaimed.  Parents don’t need to worry about their teen burning the midnight oil gaming.

Programming the Timer

You might be intimidated by all this timer has to offer.

uses of the timer tgt02

You can program up to 18 unique settings.  There is a backup battery that stores your programs.   There’s the random feature.   The daylight savings feature, which allows you to just push a button to engage or disengage daylight savings, is really nice so that you don’t have to go in and manually edit each of your settings twice a year.

A lot of customers have reported that this is a really easy timer to program.  If you’re worried, take a look at “Everything You Need to Know about Topgreener’s TGT02-W Plug-in Timer For Lights” for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to program and use your timer.  It guides you through each feature and you’ll have your settings up and going in no time.

After you buy one timer and see how useful it is, I wouldn’t be surprised if you bought more.  The energy savings alone is a reason to do it.  But the “set it and forget it” is what really sells me.  With all I have going on, it’s nice to have one less thing to remember.