Valentines Day Give-Ables

What do you celebrate on February 14?  If you’re three-time Grammy Award Winner Rob Thomas you celebrate your birthday.

Rob Thomas and three Grammy Awards

If you are from or live in the state of Oregon you might celebrate the anniversary of Oregon’s statehood.

Oregon statehood stamp

But for most people February 14th is recognized as Valentines Day.

candy hearts

I think I hit the spot when I say you either love Valentines Day, hate it, or ignore it.  I’ll even venture a step further and say that most mature adults have felt all three ways very passionately at some point in their lives, obviously in different years.  If you’re in a relationship you have reason to celebrate the special day.  If you’re not in a relationship it might be a depressing day you just try to survive through.  Then there’s the really hard spot of not knowing the status of your relationships and therefore not knowing how to survive/celebrate/live through this day.

The good thing is that whether you’re celebrating love, celebrating Single Awareness Day, or just having a regular Wednesday, retailers are always looking for a reason to have a sale and don’t care if they sell you things for your love, your like, or yourself.

valentines day sale

Restaurants will have specials going on and you don’t have to be a newly engaged couple to take advantage of them.

So take advantage of the Valentines Day deals and check out what we have going on at Top Greener!  Some of our hottest items are great for your handyman love, your DIY girl, and your tech-loving relatives.

Valentines Day from Top Greener’s USB Outlets

One of our most universally loved items is the Topgreener TU211558A3, a USB charger outlet featuring 3 ultra high-speed USB charging ports and a tamper-resistant receptacle.

topgreener usb charging receptacle

It is the smart solution when it comes to a speedy and safe charge of your portable USB devices.  (Does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.)  Your valentine will love the high speeds of charging.  The USB ports have a total combined output of 5.8A, with a max output per port of 2.4A.  This outlet is equipped with intelliChip technology, which detects the power needs of the device and delivers maximum safe charging speeds without overcharging the device.

usb charger receptacle interchangeable face plates

In addition, it is designed with an interchangeable click-on USB module. This allows you to replace a damaged or worn out face cover without having to install a whole new outlet.  It’s actually a valentines day – proof gift because no matter who you give it to, they can find use for it!  It’s personal, yet practical.  Who doesn’t want faster charging and a cleaner-looking charging station?

For those who want more USB and don’t need a receptacle in the same place, try the Enerlites 62000.  It’s a 4 USB port in-wall charger outlet.

enerlites 62000 4 usb outlet

This outlet is great for charging multiple USB powered devices at once without the need for charging adapters.  With charging speeds up to 1A per port, you can power your tablet, smartphone, Bluetooth headset, and iPod at the same time!  It’s easy to install in any room to make power charging fast, easy, and convenient.  It can fit into any standard in-wall outlet box.  Order now for an additional 5% off!

TU21558A3 Deals

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Valentines Day Timers

Not so transferrable as a universal valentines day gift but definitely something worth looking into for yourself or a special someone is the gift of energy savings and home tech efficiency.

top greener tgt08-4 countdown timer switch

The Top Greener TGT08-4 is a countdown timer switch with preset delay times that make energy savings that much easier.  Fans or lights will turn off at a predetermined time to avoid energy waste.  These timers can be installed just about anywhere including your bathroom, bedroom, and garage.  When adding to your Amazon cart, be sure to take advantage of our current 5% off promotion.

A newer more sophisticated timer to really make a statement is the Top Greener TGT01-H.

programmable timer

This is a programmable timer switch that automatically turns loads off based on a pre-set 7-day schedule. It also has an astronomic feature that allows you to automatically adjust dusk to dawn times.  You can program up to 7 on/off schedules per week, automatically adjust for daylight savings time, manually override the countdown timer feature, and activate a random function for a varied schedule when you’re away.  One of the newer items in our portfolio, this timer is currently on promotion for 10% off.

It’s February 14th.  Celebrate with a kiss, a box of chocolates, a romantic meal, a carton of ice cream, or a bouquet of roses.

chocolate hearts

Then top it off with a longer-lasting gift from Top Greener so that this year’s valentines day celebration can carry over for years to come!