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TOPGREENER Adds Timer Switches to the Lineup

After TOPGREENER’s successful timer outlet launch, TOPGREENER is branching out yet again, this time, with timer switches. Introducing two new types of timer switches to its collection, I present to you the TGT08-4 Countdown Timer Switch and the TGT01-H Astronomic Programmable Timer Switch.

Left: TGT08-4 Countdown Timer Switch, Right: TGT01-H Astronomic Programmable Timer Switch

Timer switches provide simple light automation by automatically turning lights on or off on a preset timer. They provide an alternative to sensor switches for applications where motion cannot be used to keep lights on. This could be for a bathroom fan; for example, leaving the fan on for several minutes after a shower helps clear excess humidity. This added convenience means you don’t have to remember to come back later and turn the fan off. Timer switches replace existing wall switches and utilize existing wiring to work.

TOPGREENER made a name for itself when it first launched their USB charger outlets on Amazon. It all began with the TU2154A 4.0A USB Charger Outlet, which featured the highest amperage output in the market when it launched three years ago. Since then, TOPGREENER has expanded to many other categories in the wiring devices and lighting control industry. The TU2154A now boasts over 3,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.4 star rating, is a consistent Amazon Best Seller, Amazon’s Choice, and has been featured in numerous blogs. TOPGREENER made waves when it became the first company to release a USB charger outlet with Qualcomm Quick Charge technology, and they are still the only company that offers USB charger outlets with Quick Charge.

TOPGREENER is also a strong leader in sensor switches and is the first to offer a dual technology motion and humidity sensor switch. Then enter the TGT02 Programmable Plug-In Digital Timer Outlet, TOPGREENER’S first foray into timer devices. The TGT02 is a plug-in outlet with a digital programmable timer. Launched just four months ago, the TGT02 has achieved the #1 New Release title and has grown to 68 reviews on Amazon. With an established presence in the lighting control and wiring devices space, TOPGREENER is more than equipped to expand in this area and is confident their new timer switches will be a step above the rest.


TGT08-4 Eight Button Countdown Timer Switch, 4-Hour Maximum

Push-button interface on the TGT08-4. Each button is a time delay option.

First up is the TOPGREENER TGT08-4 Countdown Timer Switch with eight preset time delays. This timer switch has a push button interface that makes it easy to use. Simply choose a time delay with the push of a button, and after the time is up, the TGT08-4 will automatically turn the lights off. Each time delay has its own button, and you can choose from the following times:  1, 5, 10, 30, 45 minutes, 1, 2, 4 hours. With eight time delay options, the TGT08-4 sets the bar higher for the competition.

This particular countdown timer switch doesn’t have a timer override, so it’s best for places where you want to make sure the light or connected load isn’t accidentally left on when no longer in use. The TGT08-4 is useful for bathroom and ceiling fans, closet lights, garage lights, and even bedroom lights.

Aging Doctor Who GIF by Feliks Tomasz Konczakowski
Time is always on, always running; luckily, your lights don’t have to!

There are bright blue LED lights next to each time delay. The TGT08-4 allows the user to choose between two LED settings. The default setting will flash two times for whichever time is selected, and then shut off. For the second LED indicator light option, the light next to whichever time delay is selected will stay lit for that duration of time. After the time is up, the LED indicator will shut off, along with the light or connected load.

The TGT08-4 seeks to make color changes easy with its interchangeable face cover design. Instead of worrying over which color to choose while purchasing or reordering a different colored switch, the TGT08-4 allows the user to easily and quickly change the color of the switch with its included face covers. A white face cover comes attached, and black and light almond face covers are also included.


  • Push button user interface makes this timer switch accurate and easy to use
  • Eight time delays to choose from: 1, 5, 10, 30, 45 minutes, 1, 2, 4 hours
  • Blue LED indicator lights next to each button/time delay
  • Customizable LED indicator light function
  • Interchangeable face cover design (white comes attached, black, and light almond face covers included)
  • One white wall plate is included

Get your TGT08-4 Eight Button Countdown Timer Switch here.

TGT01-H Astronomic Programmable Digital Timer Switch

TGT01-H Astronomic Timer Switch with the cover open and setting buttons displayed.

The TOPGREENER TGT01-H is a programmable timer switch with an astronomic setting. The astronomic setting automatically adjusts dusk to dawn times, so the lights will automatically turn on at dusk and automatically turn off at dawn. This setting is especially useful for outdoor lights, such as the porch or backyard lights. If you need more on/off times, you can create up to an additional seven schedules per week. After creating your schedule, your lights are fully automated and you won’t need to worry about them again!

Sunset GIF

You might be wondering how the astronomic feature works. After setting the clock and date, you will be prompted to select your region: North (USA), Central (USA), South (USA), Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Then you will set the dawn and dusk times, which will automatically adjust throughout the year based on the region you selected.

The TGT01-H has taken Daylight Savings into account, with a Daylight Saving feature that automatically adjusts your schedule and clock for seasonal changes. This means you no longer need to manually adjust the clock forward or back, and it ensures your lights operate at the correct time!

Not only can the switch operate on customized schedules, it also has a manual on/off override and a countdown timer option. That means you can turn the lights on or off at any time, even during a scheduled program, or you can run it on a countdown timer like the TGT08-4 timer switch!

Like the TGT08-4, the TGT01-H Programmable Timer Switch features an interchangeable face cover design for quick and easy color changes. In addition to white, light almond and black face covers are included.


  • Astronomic functionality adjusts throughout the year to automatically turn lights on at dusk and automatically turn them off at dawn
  • Seven additional on/off schedules
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time (DST) feature
  • Random (RND) mode varies the programmed schedule to give the illusion that someone is home
  • Countdown timer feature
  • Blue backlit LCD screen makes programming easier on the eyes
  • Internal battery backs up programs and settings in the event power is lost
  • Interchangeable face cover design (white comes attached, black, and light almond face covers included)
  • Works in single-pole and 3-way applications

Get your TGT01-H Astronomical Digital Programmable Timer Switch here.


Is there a part of your home that could use a timer switch? If so, where? Let us know in the comments below!