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Top Greener’s Amazon Gold Box Deals

It seems like we just had a nonstop season of shopping and deals and savings. I mean there was Black Friday, followed immediately my Cyber Monday, and then from there it was the countdown to Christmas. Just in the five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday alone, Amazon sold 140 million items. As it got closer to Christmas, more Lightning Deals and Daily Deals popped up and everyone was scouring Amazon for the best deals to check off all the people on their Christmas list.

Well there’s great news. Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you can’t keep getting great prices on fantastic products. Top Greener just posted 10 Amazon Gold Box Deals good through January 16, 2018. Amazon Gold Box Deals are daily offerings across all their categories. You’ll see lightning deals (deals with deadlines and limited supply) and daily deals, and coupon offerings. If you’re not familiar with Gold Box or lightning deals or daily deals, but you like to shop and save, start searching the site for these stamps as they are indicative of great savings opportunities. Check frequently, you never know what you’ll find! To make things a little simpler for you, I’ve gathered the 10 Top Greener Gold Box Deals here for you to review. Most of these items are over 40% off through January 16 so upgrade and stock up now!

  1. Enerlites SI8831-W 10 Pack – Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Electrical Conduit Fittings

Enerlites screw-less decorator style wall plates are designed to be child safe, and to give your home a modern look. They replace any traditional style wall plate that covers your power outlets, light switches, or similar size devices. They are made of unbreakable Polycarbonate material.

Installing screw-less covers prevents children from removing the screws that cover the electrical wiring and components behind your outlet receptacles. When you combine screw-less wall plates with tamper-resistant (TR) receptacles it further increases the safety for your home. TR outlets use a shutter mechanism to block foreign objects. By joining these two safety features you can reduce the chance of outlet-related accidents.

  1. Topgreener TU21548A-W — USB Wall Charger – Amazon 4.5 Star Rating

The Topgreener TU21548A USB outlet wall charger combines IntelliChip technology and ultra-high speed charging in an all-in-one outlet. IntelliChip provides smart and speedy charging by accurately reading the power need of your device and optimizing charging efficiency. Charge two devices simultaneously without overheating, overcharging, or sacrificing charging speed.

Each USB outlet is capable of high-speed charging for small devices at 2.4A maximum. (This does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.) Each power outlet is tamper-resistant and marked with a TR to show compliance. TR outlets are required in most businesses, and residences. The built-in protective shutter mechanism prevents foreign objects from being inserted into the receptacle contact openings, but still allows easy insertion of proper plugs. The tamper resistant (TR) logo is clearly visible on the face of the device to show this safety feature.

  1. Enerlites 8831-W 10 Pack – Decorator Switch Wall Plate – Amazon 4.5 Star Rating

Enerlites wall plates are one of the best quality of its kind, and meet all applicable standards and regulations. Enerlites manufactures their wall plates in all sizes including standard, mid-size and oversize to ensure that there is a wall plate to fit every device.

Enerlites wall plates all feature a sleek, decorative finish and appearance which makes Enerlites wall plates ideal to retrofit any decorator installation for contractors and designers featuring a high quality product at a low cost. The screws included with this wall plate are pre-painted ensuring the colors will match perfectly giving it a flush look.

Unlike many other brands, which use nylon material, Enerlites wall plates are made of an unbreakable polycarbonate material. Nylon wall plates are also unbreakable, but it is easy to bend or twist during installation, transportation or packaging; once it does, it is near impossible to get it back to its original shape. Other wall plates made by popular brands are made of brittle materials making them prone to breakage. Enerlites wall plates are made of Polycarbonate, which makes their wall plates very flexible and unbreakable, while still keeping the sleek, smooth look even after installation.

  1. Topgreener TDOS5-J-W 2 Pack — Amazon’s Choice for Light Switch Motion Sensor Indoor

The TopGreener TDOS5-W combines occupancy and vacancy sensors into one motion sensor switch for energy efficiency, security, and convenience. The 2-in-1 motion sensor detects occupancy and vacancy in a room to automatically turn lights or fans on and off. Enjoy hands-free convenience by never having to fumble in the dark looking for the switch. Give yourself one less thing to worry about by having the peace of mind that your lights will always automatically shut off.

With advanced technology packed into intuitive and easy-to-use settings, you can easily adjust the length of time lights will stay on or how sensitive the sensor is to motion. Make your home smarter in one switch!

  1. Enerlites HET06A-W 2 Pack — Amazon’s Choice for Bathroom Fan Timer

The Enerlites HET06A is a 7-button in wall countdown timer switch with six (6) preprogrammed time delay options to offer quick options to help ensure power gets shut off to your lights or appliance. With a 30-minute maximum delay you can always be ensured the lights will never be left on for extended times. A manual on-off switch adds to this timer’s convenience. A neutral (white) wire is required for the HET06A to function.

Simply push the button to set your desired time delay (1 minute to 30 minutes) and your appliance will automatically turn off when the time is up. This timer switch will help you save energy for those appliances that could have been left on inadvertently. Instead of leaving a bathroom light or fan on and trying to remember to turn it off later, which may be hours or all day, the HET06A will automatically turn off the lights or fan for you. The added benefit of our 7-button timer switch will not only add convenience to your life but help save you money as well. Never worry about coming back to turn off a light or fan again.

  1. Enerlites 8821-W 10 Pack — Amazon 4.5 Star Rating

Enerlites unbreakable duplex outlet wall plates are made of high quality Polycarbonate material, and designed to withstand bending, twisting, fading, heat, and heavy impacts. This standard size wall plate is intended to cover any duplex power outlet in a residential or commercial setting.

Enerlites duplex wall plates can withstand temperatures of over 100 degrees. This protects them from fading and discoloration. Enerlites duplex wall plates come with matching screws that are painted to help achieve a flush mounted look.

  1. TSOS5-W 2 Pack– Amazon’s Choice for Auto Light Switch Sensor

Add simple light automation to your home with the TSOS5 Motion Sensor Switch. The TSOS5 is an occupancy sensor with the addition of an always-on switch. This sensor switch automatically turns on the lights when you enter a room and automatically turns off the lights when motion is no longer detected. Enjoy savings on your energy bill, and add convenience to your home with this automatic lighting control.

The TSOS5 is a sensor switch that has the best of both worlds. With the addition of an always-on mode, users can override the sensor and keep the lights on until they are ready to switch modes. In AUTO mode, the TSOS5 works as an occupancy sensor that automatically turns lights on and off based on the motion detected in a room, providing simple automation and keeping you 100% hands-free. Add convenience to your daily routine. Avoid fumbling in the dark or entering a room with your hands full searching for the light switch. Save on electrical costs and have peace of mind knowing that your lights will always turn off (when on sensor mode).

  1. Topgreener TDHOS5– 4 Star Amazon Rating

The Topgreener TDHOS5 is a sensor switch in a class of its own, equipped with both PIR (Passive Infrared) motion and humidity sensors. No longer will you have to keep your bathroom fan running all day after a shower to get rid of the condensation in the air! Prevent mold and mildew caused by excess humidity from forming! The humidity sensor works by detecting moisture in the air to automatically turn the ventilation fan on or off based on the moisture level. The ventilation fan will continue to operate for the minimum time set or until the humidity in the room is reduced. The PIR sensor detects motion to automatically turn lights on and off. Perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms, spas, or any other room with high humidity levels, the TDHOS5 will help make your space more comfortable and energy-efficient.

  1. TGT02-W – 4.5 Star Amazon Rating

Save money, energy, and add a little more convenience by introducing Topgreener’s Plug-In Programmable Outlet Timer for electrical outlets to your home. Just plug in any electric appliance into the outlet, program a schedule to activate or deactivate the timer and start saving! Automatically program home & garden lighting, outdoor & indoor lights, sprinklers, A/C, Heaters, Christmas Lights, Hydroponic Systems, Fish Tank Water Pumps, Lighting for Reptiles and Turtles, Fans and much more.

  1. 51300-W 2 Pack – 4 Star Amazon Rating

Take the next step to energy-efficiency with the Enerlites 51300 3-Way Dimmer Switch 2-Pack for incandescent, halogen as well as dimmable LED and CFL lights. The universal in-wall dimmer switch performs full range smooth dimming control to lights with its fine tuning, creating great ambient mood control meanwhile cutting energy costs.

The 51300 features a paddle switch for on/off control and a dimming slider for smooth dimming. The paddle switch turns on lights at the previously set brightness level so you don’t need to readjust every time! The intuitive controls make the 51300 easy to use while achieving precise lighting with its advanced technology. Slide the dimmer to the right level to create the perfect date night, movie night, or party ambiance.

The fine-tuning dial is a dedicated control to achieve wider bulb compatibility, eliminate flicker, and to ensure you get the fullest dimming range possible from your dimmable LED and CFL bulbs. Easily adjust the dial to fine-tune the bulbs for smooth performance or to achieve the lowest light level possible without flickering.