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The Deals Just Keep Coming, Don’t Miss Out!

What a great time to be alive…to go shopping!  You can always expect retailers to go big for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Those days are gone, but the promotions have kept on going!!  Best Buy is featuring 20 Days of Deals in the month of December.  Amazon offers new discounts daily on their 12 Days of Deals event.  Target offers Weekend Deals through the month of December.  Honda is in on it with Happy Honda Days year-end events all month long.  Well, we want in too!  We just slashed the prices of some of our highest ranking, top selling, top rated items!

That’s right.  TopGreener is ready to stock you up on electrical upgrades, energy-saving and lighting control products.  Our devices are sure to keep you current with innovation and modernization.  Check out our December Deals!

Wall Plates

wall plates

Enerlites Duplex, Screwless Decorator, and Decorator Switch 10 pack wall plates are all 20% off now!  Our Duplex wall plates are 1 gang duplex receptacle style made with heat and fade resistant material.  The Screwless Decorator wall plates are made of unbreakable Polycarbonate material and retrofit any plug covers, outlets, dimmers, sensors, and timers.  The Enerlites Decorator Switch wall plates are also made of unbreakable Polycarbonate material and fit to panels with timers, sensors, dimmers, and light switches.  All these wall plates are great DIY level devices that upgrade your home and give your outlets a refreshing modern look.  They are Amazon Best Sellers and ship free for Prime members.



For a limited time, get your hands on some of Amazon’s #1 Best Selling timers for 20-45% off!  That’s right, we’re discounting our high rated timers, as well as our top ranked New Release Countdown Timer, the Enerlites HET06-W.  This timer features six preset countdown time options to control lights, fans, air conditioners and heaters.  We also have a 2-pack of the HET06A on sale.  This is also a countdown timer used to save energy controlling lights, lamps, fans, sprinklers and more.


We also have two programmable timers for sale.  They are both the #1 Best Seller on Amazon.  Programmable timers are becoming more and more popular because of their energy saving and customization features.  The Enerlites HET01-C has 18 unique on/off customizable settings, and replaces standard switches.  Take programmable timers one step higher with the HET01 that has all the features of the HET01-C plus a blue backlight display.  Get your hands on these great deals while supplies last!

Motion Sensor Light Switches


Who says hands-free is only for phones?  Motion sensor light switches are the hands-free solutions for lights and fans.  Our sensors are energy savers and convenience producers.  They’re also reliable and receive over 400 stars on Amazon.  The TSOS5-W is an in-wall light switch that uses passive infrared sensors to detect motion and control lights.  It also has a manual on/off switch.  Also on sale now are the TDOS5-W and the TDOS5-J.  These motion sensor switches can be set to occupancy mode or vacancy mode, they detect motion using passive infrared technology, and can be customized to your unique specifications.  All these timers are on sale now for 20% off and ship free with Amazon Prime.

USB Charger Outlets


If you don’t have one yet, you need one.  If you already have one, you need another one.  If you already have enough, these are great stocking stuffers and house warming gifts for family and friends!!!  I’m talking about USB charger outlets.  This holiday season we are discounting our #1 bestselling product, the TopGreener TU2154A.  This wall charger (as well as the 10 pack we have on sale) has close to 3000 customer reviews and was awarded 4.5 stars.  It’s a wall outlet that has two USB ports, allowing you to charge USB powered devices without adapters, and leaving you room to power two other appliances at the same time.  We’ve even taken charging a step further and discounted our TopGreener TU21548AC, a wall outlet with an ultra-high speed USB Type-A and reversible Type-C  port, in addition to two outlets.  All of these wall outlets utilize intelliChip technology to maximize efficiency and charging speeds.  Enjoy 15-20% off of these items with free Amazon Prime shipping.

These offers are good through December 22.  Don’t miss out on these and other great products from TopGreener.