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The Best Deals Come on the Days After Christmas

Best Deals Come After December 25th

If you were on Santa’s naughty list this year and received a crappy gift that you didn’t want, you are not alone. Who needs to be on Santa’s good list anyway? Yes I said it. I will get my own gifts this year thank you. The days after December 25th mark the best shopping days of the year, which gives us plenty of opportunities to get the gifts we wanted. While Black Friday shopping is about buying gifts for our friends and family, the days after December 25th are about buying gifts to reward ourselves for the good effort we put forth all year. Let’s unwind and do some of our own shopping. We deserve it.

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On this day, retail stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and others are discounting their top selling items. Walmart, Newegg, and GameStop are all giving out huge discounts as well. Just last night, Game Stop became the top searched word on Google, simply because of all the discounted games newly available.

Search Amazon and you will find many e-commerce stores are offering up to 30% or more discounts on Amazon’s Today’s Deal.

Top Greener this year has also jumped the gun and is offering amazing discounts for after-Christmas shopping. We are slashing our original prices by up to 40%.

1. Enerlites HET06A 1-5-10-15-20-30 Minutes Timer Switch


Most people leave their lights and fans on after using the bathroom to either get rid of the water steam or smell. It’s effective until you realize you leave them on too long and end up wasting electricity. Enerlites HET06A Timer Switch is the best solution, currently at 42% OFF on Amazon.

It took me a while until I decided to install the HET06A in my house. In the beginning, I resisted because I didn’t think installing it would make much difference, and would only add more labor to my weekend. However, after a couple months I gave in and decided to give it a try. It only took me no more than 15 minutes to install, and I cannot emphasize enough the convenience this light switch has brought to my bathroom. Everyday after showering, the satisfaction of knowing the lights and fan automatically turn off always gives me peace of mind.  With an automatic switch, I know I can leave the room, have the fan work its magic, and turn off at a preset time so that electricity does not go to waste.  It’s a great feeling.

2. Enerlites Screwless Decorator Wall Plates

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The Enerlites Screwless Decorator Wall Plate is 20% OFF. This wall plate is made out of unbreakable Polycarbonate material that has a smooth surface finish to decorate and match the style and color of your wall. Our Web Specialist, Gary, even wrote an article to help you choose the right wall plate for your wall. Check out the Enerlites Polycarbonate Wall Plates Guide.

In my house, my wall plates are old and deteriorating. They are so old even the color is starting to turn yellow. The Screwless Wall Plate is made out of Polycarbonate thermoplastic which prevents discoloration and can withstand up to 145 degrees of heat. The wall plate doesn’t have screws, which provides extra safety. On top of that, the wall plate has a smooth surface for you to easily paint over or you can DIY it to fit your home design. Check out Gary’s other article DiY Wall Plate Holiday Crafting Ideas, where he teaches you how to stylize your wall plate with little spending.

3. Game Stop Buy 2 Get 1 Free

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Game Stop is currently promoting their buy 2 get 1 free deal on all pre-owned products, up to 50% off on the biggest games of the year, and save up to $80 on an Xbox One purchase. Take this opportunity and turn on your gamer mode. Find all your favorite games on discount, and enjoy this holiday weekend with your favorite games in your console.

Game Stop is not only discounting games and consoles after Christmas, they are also giving this same discount for items from the Galaxy S8 to iPad Air at the same buy two get one free promotion. Check out the new Nintendo Switch Console and games. Personally, I am most excited for the new Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I cannot wait to get my game on this weekend!

4. TOPGREENER USB Type-C & Type-A Electric Outlet


TOPGREENER’s TU21558AC Outlet is an electric outlet that supports Type-C and Type-A cable charging. This USB outlet is currently 46% OFF and comes with Free Shipping on Amazon.The TU21558AC is an upgraded version of an ordinary electric outlet. It has a reversible USB Type-C and Type-A receptacle all with 5.8 amperage and 29 wattage charging. The TU21558AC can charge your devices at top speed. Back at my house, this new addition to my wall is quite handy. Whenever guests came over to visit they will always charge their phone on my outlet, and the outlet does a pretty good job at fast charging. My house rule is every guest that leaves my house needs to leave with a full stomach and a full phone battery.

5. Smart Home Google Home Mini

Google mini

One of the best products Google released in 2017 is the Google Home mini. The Google Home mini is similar to Alexa and is a handy AI speaker that can be a useful tool for your daily life. At BestBuy you can find a 40% OFF discount.

I love Google. From the company service and products to its company vision. From the Google pixel 2 to Google maps to Google Search, Google is constantly improving their service and technology to serve their users at a greater capacity. This handy little helper is equipped with Google Assistant, which is an AI that tracks your habits and will only get smarter every day. The fabric material makes it look warm and fluffy, plus the voice match feature allows the user to receive a customized response based on voice recognition. This is one of the best smart home products of 2017.

The best deals normally come on the days after Christmas. Whether you have been naughty or nice this year, you deserve a good gift for yourself. If you haven’t got the chance to make your purchase you need to seize the opportunity and take action before this year ends.

Santa may not have given you a gift this year but who needs Santa when you have great discounts from TOPGREENER?

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