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The 10 Best Ways to Save Money on your Electric Bill

As a child, I was always taught to turn off the lights when leaving a room. Every now and then I would find my switch left on after coming back from a family trip. Inevitably, it was followed up by the wrath of my mother’s one-hour scolding.

We are all guilty of having bad energy habits like falling asleep while binge watching on Netflix, staring into the fridge for way too long letting the cold air out, and God forbid, leaving the lights on all day when nobody’s home.

 So just how much money is wasted on electricity in America each year?

While 25% of America’s food is wasted, 61% of our electricity is wasted per year.

Studies published by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory suggest we as a nation are only 39% energy efficient. Even physicist Robert Ayres, author of Crossing the Energy Divide, theorizes that only 14% of energy use is truly efficient in the US economy.


This means that while 126 million Americans are glued to a screen and enjoy the comfort of their home electronics, more than 197 million Americans put their electricity use to waste.

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Senior researcher at LLNL, AJ Simon, who leads energy flow studies, reports that “increased waste stems in part from updated assumptions about the end use efficiency of vehicles and household appliances, and house hold energy use such as, heating, cooling, and lightning, are only 61% efficient on energy efficiency.”

In most cases, most Americans don’t reflect their own behavior relating to energy inefficiency, such as leaving the AC running, or keeping the house lights on in an unoccupied house.  Depending on what kind of business or house hold you own, there are different ways of electricity that get wasted throughout the day.

Almost all forms of electricity generate waste. For example, natural gas releases carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. The Earth’s atmosphere traps gases and leads to air pollution. By reducing the amount of energy used we reduce the amount of waste that pollutes our environment.

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One of the root causes of global warming is the excessive burning of fossil fuels which has become a big cause of the current ice cap melting on both our earth’s polar axis, endangering the risk of many species going extinct. If we don’t start changing our wasteful daily habits, the next generation may not be able to experience Earth’s beauty the way most of us grew up with.

Here are 10 ways to save energy and money:

  1. Install a Timer Light Switch

It may sound simple to just turn off your lights, but we get caught up in other things and are constantly in a hurry to rush from one destination to another. It becomes easy to forget to turn off our lights when exiting a room. By replacing each light switch with a time lapse light switch, we can control energy consumption and curb waste.  The Top Greener HET06 Timer Switch has 6 pre-programed timer options that  help limit energy waste in an unoccupied room.

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  1. Instal Dimmer Switches

A key to saving energy is to monitor the amount of light you need within an area. Often times we are burning way too much energy when we keep our lights on. You can adjust your eye sight to the amount of light going into your pupil. By dimming the lights, you are not only saving on your electricity bill, increasing the life duration of the light bulb, but also prolonging the health of your eye sight.

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  1. Keep You Air Circulating

One way to make sure your house stays cool during the summer is to make sure you have good circulation in your house. By turning ventilation on in your home it helps to reduce the time you have to use your AC, a cost that we all know adds up quickly. The HET06 Timer Switch also works to monitor the time span of a ventilation fan.

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  1. Switch Your Light Bulb to an Energy Saving LED

In article 7 Bad Energy Habits: It Is Surprising How Much They Are Costing You, by Lisa Zelljadt ,  a “normal” incandescent bulb costs about 0.75cents per hour, and LEDs or CFLs cost only one-sixth of that. By leaving the lights on (either overnight or while you’re at work for the day, say both are about 8 hours) costs you roughly 6 cents for a normal light and a bit over 1 cent for Energy Saving light bulbs.

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  1. Pile on Your Blankets and Cuddle Up

As winter draws near, an extra blanket on your bed in the winter months is often all it takes to push back the thermostat another couple of degrees. Dress warm and bring a snuggle blanket and cuddle up with your loved one. This will keep you warm in the coming winter both physically and in your heart 😊

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  1. Install Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can be installed both inside and outside the home to ensure that lights only come on when they are needed. Not only does the sensor prevent excessive use of energy, but it can also provide safety when carrying heavy items and entering a dark area.

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  1. Programmable Thermostat

Stop using the old AC unit controller, that thing is a dinosaur. Set your AC up with a programmable Thermostat so your AC will run less when you are not at home. This can reduce the amount of electricity used.

thermo timer

  1. Install a Water Heater Timer

13 percent of your home’s electricity goes to heating water. A traditional hot water heater heats up your water all throughout the day whether you need it or not. Install a water heater timer, and set yours to run just when you need it. By lowering your hot water to 130 to 140 degrees, you instantly save.

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  1. Switching to Solar

Since 2012, solar companies have been increasingly popular for many households looking to save thousands of dollars each year. However, installing solar panels can be a big investment. Before taking this leap, start by installing outdoor solar lights for your outdoor lights. Use the power of the sun for all of your outdoor energy needs

solar lights

  1. Use Insulating Paint

Non- Profit EnergyIdeas Clearinghouse, a partnership between Washington State University and the nonprofit Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, found that under ideal circumstances, insulating paints can achieve a reduction in heat absorption  of around 20 percent on freshly painted sun exposed walls. Go high tech, and paint your home (inside and out) with insulated paint.



Top Greener

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