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Bathroom Vanities and Smart Upgrades

The old saying goes “A man’s home is his castle”, but let’s be honest, we all know the queen runs things around the house. So what does a queen need to keep her happy?  There’s the basic walk-in closet with special features like shoe storage and hand bag cubbies.  Of course many queens will also go for jets in a tub and a big kitchen island.  For those who have big families, an oversized laundry room would be nice to have as well.  Sometimes overlooked, however, is the desire of every queen to have a designated private customized spot for beauty.  Enter bathroom vanities.

You can argue that the right bathroom vanities parallel the needs and features of a man and his man’s cave.  Xquisite Vanities has recognized this truth and aims to create custom vanity stations that are worthy of royalty. Founded by Jovany Gomez, Xquisite Vanities turns beauty stations into smart ones by using USB outlets, dimmer lighting controls, and other smart home technology.

The Evolution of Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities have evolved over time.  Just over a hundred years ago, the bathroom as a whole didn’t really exist.  It was common to find a small table somewhere in a bedroom that had a pitcher for water and a bowl to wash your hands and face.  Eventually mirrors were incorporated.

old style vanity with pitcher and basin

During the Victorian era bathrooms became their own rooms and began to resemble what we think of as a bathroom.  As indoor plumbing improved, we landed on the “modern bathroom” complete with a shower/tub, toilet, sink, and mirror.

modern bathroom layout

In these “modern bathrooms” you’d find bathroom vanities that acted as an extension of the bedroom.  They were typically a sink, mirror, counter and storage solution for self-grooming.  Now we see vanities in the bathroom with or without a sink, and outside of the bathroom without a sink.  These double as makeup vanity stations, beauty and cosmetic stations, hair stations, dressing room tables, jewelry organizers, and lighted vanity mirrors.

It has been typical of vanities to come equipped with mirrors, storage drawers, and lights.  Many manufacturers also saw the need to incorporate electrical outlets for hair dryers and curling irons.  But now it’s time to take things further.

Your Morning Routine

Multitasking is part of our every day lives. You may say you’re not a good multitasker.  With all the technology we use, you’re probably better than you think.  It takes the average woman at least ten minutes to apply makeup each morning.  Hair can take an average of up to thirty minutes a day.  So at least forty minutes a day are spent at bathroom vanities!

girl getting ready in front of vanity

Don’t tell me you don’t check your phone in that window of time.  In addition to staying current with your texts, you probably also use your phone to play music or listen to a podcast. Maybe you have an iPad out with some Pinterest pins up for glamor inspiration.  Or if you’re like me, you have a YouTube clip playing on a tablet of how to apply makeup. You might have instructions up on how to braid your hair going as you prep for the day.

Does your vanity cater to your technology and powering needs?  There are several simple solutions to make sure vanity areas are equipped with functional and modern features to make your morning routine go smoother.  In short, make your vanity into a smart vanity with USB charger outlets and light dimmer switches.

Electrical Outlet Upgrades to Bathroom Vanities

In keeping up with the times, manufacturers have updated their tables to incorporate today’s power needs.  Check out this vanity from Xquisite Vanities.

bathroom vanities with drawers, hollywood lights and outlets

It features a crown molding Hollywood mirror, profile edging on the drawers, mirror tops and custom vanity feet.  And did you notice the outlets?  Electrical features were added to the framework of these amazing vanities to cater to modern power needs.  A USB charger outlet on the left lets you charge two USB powered devices as well as a regular appliance all in one place.  Xquisite Vanities just announced that they will be teaming up with smart living technology company Top Greener to incorporate the TU21548A-W  into its framework.

usb charger outlet with two receptacles

This charger outlet will give you two high-speed USB outlets and two regular receptacles in one outlet.  Each port reaches up to 2.4A and is equipped with intelliChip technology.  This technology works by reading the power needs of the connected device to deliver maximum speeds without overcharging the device.

To give the outlet a polished and sleek, integrated look for any vanity, pair it with the Enerlites 93150.

white wall plate

Decorator style wall plates compliment the USB charger outlet and give your vanity a polished look.  They are made of high quality impact-resistant thermoplastic to ensure durability.

Dimmer Switch Upgrades to Any Vanity

bathroom vanities with hollywood lights and outlets

This OCTA Design by Xquisite Vanities features deluxe mirrors, an octagonal base bank of drawers, baseboard trim and Hollywood lighting.  As for the electric features, it has USB outlet ports and a light dimmer.  Topgreener’s TGDS-120 light dimmer switch will be incorporated in production.

light dimmer switch

These switches are full-range dimmers that allow you to have complete control over lighting output.  They are compatible with all dimmable lighting including CFL, LED, Incandescent, Halogen and Fluorescent lighting.  Light transitions are smooth, and you don’t experience flickering or humming.

Dimmer switches are easy to install and provide energy savings.  They also increase the lifespan of your light bulbs.

More Vanity Designs and Color Options

This L Black Design by Xquisite Vanities is a great corner setup solution complete with storage, counter space, Hollywood lighting and a large vertical mirror.

black L shaped vanity

In adding electrical features, the 8831-BK can be a go-to solution.

black wall plate

Black wall plate covers are also made of high quality impact-resistant thermoplastic and blend in nicely to a black vanity.

This L shaped vanity also comes in white and incorporates white wall plate covers for customizable finishing touches.

white L shaped bathroom vanity with outlets

You can charge your smartphone or portable electronic device while getting ready for the day.  With outlets right at your table, you can respond to notifications and stay on top of emails and messages.  You are effectively becoming a better multitasker!  As an added bonus, USB charger outlets also forego the need for bulky adapters.  Plug your device straight into the wall.  This vanity-located charging station can look neat and organized while being convenient and efficient.

bathroom vanity with mirror and outlets

The “Smart” Upgrades Trend

There’s an ongoing “smart” upgrades trend that surrounds nearly every facet of our lives.  We’re so lucky to live in a modern world with smart solutions and energy standards that coincide with our daily routines and goals.  The Xquisite Vanities featured here are some of many vanity designs that are moving in the direction of smart living customizations.  Bathroom Vanities are quickly becoming a popular creative outlet for DIY home upgrades and commercial cabinet designers.  Top Greener products are not only applicable to vanities, but can also be used throughout a home or business to upgrade and meet the growing power needs of our world.  You will find that a little investment in outlet upgrades now will modernize and increase the value of your living and workspace.  It will meet and exceed growing power needs of today’s consumers.

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