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Programmable Timers: Securing What Matters This Holiday Season


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” While at work I got a call that someone had opened our back door from one of our neighbors, I was at work and so was my wife, Rush, our dog, was the only one home and we remember locking the door before we left, I panicked.

It’s moment like these that truly make you think about being more protective of your home and whomever lives inside it.  Devon and his wife Shirley have had the TGT02 plugged in their home for 6 months now, connected to their lamps, coffee maker and fans around the house. They’ve shared their story with us and want to make sure other home and pet owners hear what they have to say.

” I called my wife immediately after getting off the phone with my neighbor Jack. I had asked her if she had returned home from work or to see if she had forgotten something, she told me no, I hung up, called the police, and sent them to my address. I didn’t even tell work that I was leaving.

My wife and I both left right after I had called her. I got their first to find the backdoor still open and a couple of things moved around, thankfully Rush was in the bedroom with the door closed so he was safe from going anywhere or getting hurt. We found nothing stolen apart from a couple pieces of jewelry upstairs and a drawer or two opened. It seems like once all the lamps and fans turned on he ran out the door because our carpet seemed to have moved in the direction he stepped in and the lamp that was attached to the timer had tilted and broken on the side. Seems like he got scared and left.

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Anti-Theft Mode is easy, Just hold the “MIN” button

As far as Devon and Shirley know, it could’ve been far worse for their home and rush had they not had their timer on the random/anti-theft security function that comes instilled in the programming. If their neighbor hadn’t seen someone walk in, the timer would’ve still startled the thief and the burglar would’ve been well on their way. But without the timer in their home, who knows how much they would have lost, or who.

Rush and the family are safe now, but Devon wrote to us ” We didn’t care for the Necklace or if anything else was stolen, we have had Rush for 3 years now and he’s become a part of the family, we were both just scared of anything happening to him.

The thing about programmable timers is that, yes, they are made for others uses like electrical appliances and to throw around and connect during holidays, but… as we’ve read today, are used for much greater things. Their are many stories like Devon’s and Shirley’s where they have been saved of things like this or dreadfully worse “what if” situations by having some sort of protection instilled in their home. This time, the plug-in timer just happened to be there and worked exactly like it was intended to.

Timers work. It’s been proven and it is just one of those extra steps for your home that just makes sense. Not just to make your home more automated with some programs, but it makes sense for you and your family. There’s a reason the world is moving towards the automated side of things. It’s more convenient, easier, safer, more energy efficient, and apart from just being plain cool, it can help save your families lives someday in some random spur of events, even if that means your 3 year old dog.

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The all in one programmer