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One Less Thing to Remember

blog-fisal-remember-lights-on-withtext-v3Did I leave the lights on?”

Sound familiar?

Apparently, this question comes to John’s mind all the time! Most recently, John was getting ready for a road trip.  He locked the doors and left home. When he was almost 40 miles away, this very question popped into his head and he started to wonder if he did or not!! He returned back home to find out that he had in fact turned the lights off.

What a waste of time, what a waste of gas…the whole ordeal is just annoying sometimes.  Yet John hates wasting electricity and wanted the assurance of knowing everything was ok while he was on his trip.

This reoccurring incident in John’s life is the main reason he bought a programmable timer for his home. He installed one in the living room, and loves the convenience of always having the lights on when he returned home from work. He also loves the money saving feature of having the lights go off automatically.

John has had the HET01 digital in-wall programmable timer switch in his home for two months now. He uses it for lights and fans. He also uses one for his porch lights. He even discovered Random mode, which he uses whenever he is on the road.  Random mode controls several electrical features in his house at random to throw off potential intruders.

This timer switch can address all your concerns for safety, security, convenience, and energy efficiency. This programmable timer switch can control appliances up to 1800W Resistive, 1200W Fluorescent, 1/2 HP Motor, 1200W Tungsten.

Timers are a way to start saving money and automate your home or business. The HET01 Digital Timer is a great starting point to experience how home automation works! This simple upgrade is such a fun feature to add to your home or business. Get started on your upgrade today with a special offer.

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Turn the load ON/OFF and switch between Automatic and Manual modes by pressing the MODE button.

  • The large and easy-to-read LCD screen displays the current day of week, time, Auto/Manual mode, whether the load is ON or OFF, and the program settings.
  • The Timer can program up to 18 ON and 18 OFF settings.
  • Random feature (RND) turns ON/OFF the load at a random time, 30 minutes within the programmed time.
  • DST: Daylight Savings Time