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New USB Wall Chargers to Bring Your Home to 2018 and Beyond

It seems like USB charging is finally catching on.  A large majority of portable devices are now charged with USB charging technology.  Topgreener got in on the trend early. Four years ago we launched the TU2154A, an in-wall USB charger receptacle.  It quickly climbed to the top on Amazon and has maintained its Amazon’s Choice banner ever since.  Topgreener has since launched more and more USB charging devices to keep up with the times.  Each product has earned rave reviews, 4 or 5 star ratings, and we are stamped with even more Amazon’s Choice and Amazon Best Seller banners!

As we strive to maintain our cutting edge performance, we want you to be in the know of our latest products.  They are stamped with our seal of quality approval and backed by our history of high performing electrical devices.  There are two noteworthy devices you’ll want to consider when tending to your USB charging needs.


The TOPGREENER TU2153A is a wall outlet with USB ports. The dual USB ports reach up to 3.1A combined, which is enough to charge your daily electronic devices. Make charging fast, easy, and convenient in any room of your home! From the bedroom to the living room, there is always a spot for your TOPGREENER USB charger outlet. Create much needed charging stations while minimizing clutter to your walls and adding more functionality to your home. Your electronic devices now have a better power center, and your room will always look tidy and neat.


The TU2153A USB Outlet is equipped with smart IntelliChip, which reads the power needs of devices connected to the USB ports to deliver optimal power.

IntelliChip charges at the optimal power allowed by the device, so your devices are protected from overcharging and overheating. Each USB port can reach up to 2.4A individually, with a maximum 3.1A output when both USB ports are in use. Charging is now more convenient and efficient.  (Please note that the USB ports do not support Qualcomm Quick Charge technology).



The TOPGREENER TU11558A3 5.8A Three-Port USB Charger Outlet with Interchangeable USB Module is the smart solution when it comes to a speedy and safe charge of your portable USB devices. Combining an interchangeable click-on USB module, IntelliChip technology, and a 15A tamper resistant (TR) receptacle, the TU11558A3 features three USB ports with a total output of 5.8A.

It gives users the fastest charge possible.  It is easy and simple to install.

It is also convenient to change out the face covers. This special feature allows you to swap out the USB module while keeping the receptacle and rest of the outlet intact. That means replacement is super easy and you don’t need to touch any wires! This replaceable USB module feature is especially useful for public and commercial areas, where power outlets may see a lot of wear and tear due to a high volume of users who aren’t necessarily treating such an item with utmost care. This allows businesses to easily replace just the USB module without having to replace an entire TU11558A3 outlet!

With IntelliChip technology, our charger detects the power needed to maximize the charging efficiency up to 2.4A per port, 5.8A total. If the total power needs of devices plugged in are over 5.8A, the current will be distributed among the three USB ports. IntelliChip delivers optimal power, so your devices are protected from overcharging. With a total output of 5.8A, you can charge three high-powered USB devices simultaneously! Deliver safe and smart charging to your devices with the TU11558A3 USB Power Outlet. Please note that the USB ports do not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.

With just a charging cable (and no bulky adapter), you can now charge up to three devices without an adapter while giving your space a clean and polished look! (Does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge technology.)  The TU11558A3 offers convenient charging to your devices in both residential and commercial areas, such as living rooms, bedrooms, airports, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, etc. Power charging is now fast, easy, and convenient.