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Make Your Home iPhone 8 and iPhone X Ready


The new iPhones are here. And whether you’re eyeing the iPhone 8 or the more progressive iPhone X, with all its Face ID, edge-to-edge screen display glory, there’s one addition both phones have: fast charging.

iPhone support for fast charging has been a long time coming, and it’s finally here. According to Apple, you can go from 0%-50% in just 30 minutes. Though fast charging requires a Lightning to USB-C cable and the quick charging adapter which are both available separately, the upgrade may be worth it if you always find yourself at the low end of the battery spectrum with never enough time to stay in one place to charge your phone.

A Type-C USB charger outlet may solve your fast charging woes. Top Greener, a leading manufacturer in USB charger outlets, offers every variety imaginable. From standard dual USB-A ports to 4-port styles, they have one for every need. Their USB-C version may provide a smart solution if you’re upgrading your iPhone to the upcoming 8 or X models and if you want to take advantage of the fast charging feature. Keep reading to find out more, where you can purchase them, and for a 10% off coupon code!


Called the TU21548AC, Top Greener’s USB Type-C electrical outlet is not your standard electrical outlet. With the addition of Type-A and Type-C USB ports embedded into the outlet, you can provide USB charging to your devices without adapters and leave the outlets free for your other power needs. It’s great for tech-savvy people who have a lot of devices to power.

Top Greener’s TU21548AC was the first USB-C outlet to enter the market, and it remains at the top. The USB ports have a combined output of 5VDC/4.8A, with up to 2.4A from the USB-A outlet and up to 3.0A from the USB-C outlet. This is important to note, as Apple specs put their 29W USB-C power adapter at 5.2VDC/2.4A. The USB ports are equipped with intelliChip, which ensures safe charging at the device’s maximum speed. IntelliChip makes sure devices only get the amount they need to protect them from overcharging and overheating. The TU21548AC has plenty of power to go around and is sure to make your home or office iPhone 8 and iPhone X ready.

You can purchase the TU21548AC Type-C USB Outlet here, and save 10% off your order by using the following coupon code:

Coupon Code: CN6D4IAP (Expires 10/20/2017)