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Last But Not Late: What to Get and How to Make Sure It Arrives On Time

There are only a few days left.  Literally, we’re down to the single digits.  It seems like retailers have been on our cases for months.  Probably because it’s true.  I first saw artificial Christmas trees up in August at Costco.  You would think that with the constant reminders everywhere we go and online as well that we’d have all our holiday shopping done by now.  But the truth is, more than two-thirds of Americans will continue Christmas shopping through Christmas day!  So if you’ve still got a list to check off, or a list to write (let’s hope that’s not the case for many of you), you’re in the majority.



Some people are practicing the art of procrastination because they just don’t know what to get.  These people are thoughtful, careful, conscientious, but also can be a little indecisive.  They want to make sure they’re getting the right gift for the right person.  But if they wait too long, they risk less inventory and jacked up prices.

Other people procrastinate because they don’t like the people on their list!  That’s right I said it, but we all know it’s true. They know they have to get this person something, but they really don’t want to.  It’s almost painful to spend too much time and money on this person, and yet they still need to be checked off the list.

Sometimes the people on your list are really hard to shop for.  In-laws can be a challenge.  A really picky spouse can be a nightmare.  A sister who already has everything and a dog is annoying.  And let’s not even get started shopping for a person you’re seeing when you don’t know the status of the relationship, and don’t know if a gift card  or jewelry will be taken the wrong way.

Then there are those people who work really well under pressure.  That’s when they shine.  They can put no thought whatsoever into gift giving, show up at a store without a list on Christmas Eve, and somehow pick out the perfect gift that will put smiles on their loved one’s faces.  I envy these people.

Where will you do your last minute shopping?  According to Deloitte, 2017 will be the first year that online shopping will exceed in-store shopping.



Whether you’re a procrastinator, something new came up you weren’t expecting, or you’re really on top of things but let one small thing slip by, you fall into the last minute shopper category.  As a last resort, and not a bad one at that, you can always fall back on gift cards.  They might not be very personal, but they are nice to receive and it ensures the receiver will get what they want.  So stick that in your back pocket in case all else fails.  And if you find yourself using it, make sure you at least spring for a cool gift card case to go with it!

If you’re courageous enough to go a step above, do it!  But do it soon.  The absolute worst thing that can happen is you don’t get a gift on time.

More than 2 billion packages are being sent this year.  ABC News recently published the following shipping deadlines for guaranteed delivery by Christmas.

Monday, Dec. 18: UPS three-day select

Tuesday, Dec. 19: FedEx Express Saver and USPS first class (this includes greeting cards)

Wednesday, Dec. 20: FedEx two-day, UPS 2nd Day Air, USPS Priority Mail

Thursday, Dec. 21: FedEx Overnight, UPS Next Day Air

Friday, Dec. 22: USPS Priority Mail Express

Monday, Dec. 25: FedEx Same Day

If you’re trying to avoid brick and mortar stores, Amazon is the best place to go for last minute shopping.  You can order with two-day shipping (free for Prime members) through December 22.  Another great option is Walmart.  December 21 is the last day you can order from their site and use their rush delivery option (for a fee) to get items delivered on time.

So what are you going to get from Amazon and Walmart that doesn’t scream out “I didn’t know what to get you so here…”?  Here’s the breakdown of 2017’s shopping trends.



You’re in luck.  At Top Greener we have trending cutting-edge products you can add to your cart today that will speak volumes over the backup gift card idea.  They are useful and practical, and they won’t break the bank.  Even better, you can still order them from Amazon or Walmart with guaranteed arrival before Christmas!

Maybe you’re new to TopGreener so let me outline our must-have items.

USB Outlets

Our high ranking #1 Best Seller on Amazon and Amazon’s Choice product is the TU2154A and its new brother, the TU21548A.


The outlets that take you into the 21st century are USB outlets.  The TU2154A is an in-wall dual USB power outlet that allows you to plug your USB powered device straight into the wall without an adapter.  The outlet gives you 4 Amps and 5VDC charging capacity. Use both USB outlets simultaneously and still have space to power two appliances in one outlet.  This USB outlet uses intelliChip technology that reads the power needs of the applied devices to deliver efficient charging without overcharging a device.


Our newer edition, recently featured on As Seen on TV  is the TU21548A that still has the two USB outlets plus two regular sockets and intelliChip technology, but this has a total output of 4.8 Amps, giving you more power and faster charging speeds.  These may not seem like good holiday gifts, but charging is on everyone’s mind these days.  These babies are quick DIY installs that people will love for the convenience they add and the organized look they bring to charging stations.

Motion Sensor Light Switch

Another Amazon #1 Best Seller is the Topgreener TDOS5-W motion sensor light switch.  It combines occupancy and vacancy sensors into one motion sensor switch for energy efficiency, security and convenience. The 2-in-1 motion sensor detects occupancy and vacancy in a room to automatically turn power on or off.


I guess you could use this as a more personal gift for family.  It’s especially great if that family member is working on a remodel or just moved in to a new place.  Sensors help save a lot of energy and are great in situations where you don’t always have your hands free to activate a light.  They control fans and lights, so these can be used in a lot of rooms.


Don’t be too quick to judge when you see I’ve added Timers to this list.  There’s a reason for it.  In just a few weeks, people will be getting electricity bills reflecting their December power usage.  They’re going to be shocked at how much they spent because on more than one night, they probably forgot to turn their Christmas tree lights or their lawn ornaments off.

Enter yet another #1 Best Seller on Amazon, the Enerlites HET06A.


The HET06A comes in white, and can be easily installed into a wall. The switch comes with 7 preset options: 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 minutes.  The time selected is the countdown time.  Select an option and the load will automatically turn off once the time lapse expires.  It promotes efficiency and minimizes waste.  Use this timer not just for lights, but for fans also.

We also have timers with longer time lapse options.

late8  late9              late10

The HET06-W (pictured left) time lapse options range from 5 min – 4 hours.  The HET06-12-W (pictured right) has time lapse options from 30 min – 12 hours.  There’s a timer for every need!

Top Greener has just what you need for last minute gift giving.  Make sure you order your items today so they arrive in time for Christmas!  What’s left on your list?