How to install a Light Switch? An installation crash course.

Today I present you The Programmable Light Switch that will program the schedule of your lights and make your home automation 10x better. All you need to do is to pre-set the time, and even if you forget to follow your daily routine your lights will remind you based on your pre-set schedule on your pre-programmed light switch.

Install the switch, set your time, forget about it, and the lights will turn on at your desired set time.  It’s a good way to track your schedule and establish a routine of good habits.

I will walk you through the steps of how to install the HET01. This can be applied to other kinds of light switches and get your house on its way to becoming a smart home.

To install a light switch you will need the following items:

Screw driver, tape, electric meter, and the HET01 Programmable Light Switch


Light Switch History 101

You may be asking why install an HET01 switch rather than standard timer light switches.

The most vintage light switch is the push button light switch, created in 1884 by American John Henry Holmes.

This light switch has a simple concept behind its design: the lights turn on when the upper button is pressed and turn off after pressing the lower button.

Toggle switch

In the 1900s a new toggle light switch was designed, and replaced most residential and commercial switches.


The toggle switch flickers up and down making it much easier to use, and keeping the room looking modern. The inner design for this switch is also more efficient than earlier switches. As the toggle switch has evolved, the design has fit much better to consumer needs, but still was far from the HET01 programmable light switch.

Programmable light switch

In 2017, in response to the smart home and home automation movement, the programmable light switch HET01 was created. The HET01 is a digital device that allows users to track and pre-program use. Residents no longer need to physically turn on and off a switch, simply pre-set the time on the switch and the light automatically turns on and off.

Later in this guideline I will give details on how to program the switch. For now, let’s look at the installation process.


Is it a single pole or a double pole?

Before you install your light switch, you need to figure out what type of light switch you need and what type of pole installation you have for your wiring box, that is, whether it is a single pole or a double pole.

A switch pole refers to the number of separate circuits that the switch controls. A single-pole controls just one circuit and a double pole controls 2 circuits.

In other words, while a single pole switch can power only 1 light, a double pole can power one light while powering another device in another location; while one electric pole is controlling one light another is controlling your hot tub outside.

Single pole = 1 light

Double pole = 1 light + another device

The HET01 switch is a single pole switch. Before you install your light switch, make sure you don’t install the switch on a double pole wire box.

To identify if your electric output is a single pole or double pole, check your home electrical panel. If the switch only has 1 switch it means it is a single pole. If there are 2 switches linked together then it means the switch is a double pole.


 2 way or 3 way?

Another thing you will need to figure out before installing the switch is to find out what kind of configuration you have for your light. When we are talking about configuration we are talking about how many light switches power the same light.

In the 2-way configuration the electricity is only going towards two places, the light and the single light switch. Whereas in a 3 way configuration electricity is going towards 3 directions, the light, the one switch, and an additional switch.

You would know this depending on how many switches power a single light.

Now take a screw driver and remove the wall plate on the switch.


Test the wires

After you remove the wall plate, unscrew the 2 screws on the older light switch. You should see 4 different wires connected to the light switch.

One hot wire—one neutral wire—one return/ switch leg wire—and one green ground wire.

To find out which wire is which, you will need to use an electric meter.


Here are the functions of the different wires.

Hot wire: Electricity transfers through this wire and powers the light switch.

Switch leg wire: Electricity transfers out after coming from the hot wire.

Neutral wire: Circuit conductor that normally carries current back to the source. Neutral wiring is usually connected to the ground at the main electric panel. In other words, it provides the path back to the transformer for the unbalanced portion of the electricity load.

Ground wire (also called Earth wire): This is a wire used as a safety net. If there is too much energy going into the device, the electricity will be let out by ground wiring and transferred to the ground preventing hazards.


Take your screw driver and unscrew the wall plate and the current switch mounted on your wall.


Leave the power on for now on the control panel because you want power for the wires still attached to the switch. Place the meter on the wire and check if there is a reading. Once you find a reading on the wire, place a tape over the wire and mark the hot wire.

electric meter

(Image from TOPGREENE tutorial)

Step 3

Turn off the electricity from your electric panel and untangle the wires from the switch by simply loosening the screws.

Step 4

Bind the correct wires together by intertwining them. Hot wires goes to the black wire, neutral wires go to the white wire, red wires connect to the return wire. If you are still unsure how to identify the wires you can visit us on our YouTube channel for a demonstration.

Step 5

Be sure to use the caps that comes in the package to cap the wires. After capping, tighten the wires by turning the caps.

Give a few good solid taps to make sure it doesn’t fall off.

If the cap falls off after the tap, that means you need to give it a little more twist. Now take all the wires and put them back in the wiring box and screw the wall plate back on.

Step 6

After the switch is connected to the wires, go back to your electrical panel and turn the electricity back on. Now if the light on the switch turns on it means you have installed your switch correctly. Mount the switch and the wall plate in place and your installation is complete.


Programming your Programmable Light Switch

HET01 Programmable Light Switch:

To set up your time setting to 18 different times setting each day on your light switch.

First move the tiny black button from the left to right, OFF to ON, in order to switch on the power of the light switch, then press the button that says ‘PROG’ to enter clock setting.

Choose the desired day you would like to program and then press on the HOUR button to program the hour.

Press the ‘MIN’ button to program the minute. Press ‘PROG’ again to enter in another day setting. Program the time by pressing ‘HOUR’ for hours, and ‘MIN’ for minutes.

To activate random feature mode(RND) to deter unwanted intruders, simply press the ‘MIN’ button for 5 seconds and the RND letters will appear on your screen. This means you are now in the RND mode. To turn it off, hold the button down for another 5 seconds.

To enter daylight saving time(DST), press down the ‘MIN’ button for 5 seconds and see ‘RND’ show up on the screen. After this you will be in daylight savings mode. To exit daylight savings time, hold the ‘MIN’ button down for another 5 seconds and you will return to Standard Time and “DST” no longer applies.


Programming your Timer switch

HET06 Timer Switch


Another switch that is also handy for electricity saving and energy efficiency is the HET06 timer switch. The installation process of this timer switch is the same as HET01.

What’s unique about the HET06-12 timer switch is that it gives you the freedom to leave your room after pre-selecting a count down time on your light switch. With 6 pre-selected timer options: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours, the light automatically turns off after the duration of time.

Now, to turn on the lights, press the desired button. Once the button is pressed the indicator light under the ON/OFF will also flash twice.

Here are a few other ways to set up your HET06:

If you would like to program the timer to factory preset mode so the indicator light will stay on to locate in the dark, hold the top 2 buttons, 5 min and 10 min, simultaneously. All indicator lights will flash once indicating program has been switched.

In this mode when a preset time button or the ON/OFF button is pressed, the selected preset time button will remain illuminated for the duration of time selected.

To switch back to Option 1 mode, simply repeat the above steps.

Make your home smart today!

You have now completed a crash course in installing and programming a smart light switch. Go ahead and start your home automation and get the HET01 and HET06 by shopping on our TOPGREENER Amazon Store to receive 10% OFF on your purchase and make your home smarter today!