Fast charge your phone with Type-C connector.

If you were a kid born before the 90s, you would most likely have been through the age when pretty much all your devices were powered by AA and AAA batteries. Remember the pain of digging through a box of batteries trying to find two of the same size in order to give your Walkman some juice to listen to the new NWA CD?  Don’t even get me started on the horror when you found that old batteries were mixed in with new batteries. Then you had to drop everything and go through piles of batteries to separate the old ones from the new ones. The new generation born in the social media age called the generation Z will never understand this struggle.

Nowadays, we simply plug our electronics into an outlet, then kaboom! The device is ready to go for another 12 hours.

Technology has come a long way. With all the new phones coming out, we have more and more durability as well as longer lasting batteries that allow us to run our phones for an entire day before needing to charge again.

“Great battery life in a phone is one of the most sought after features in a phone these days. A brand-new phone without good battery life is like a chicken without its head.”

quoted by an anonymous phone owner

 One of the fastest ways to charge your iPhone X is by using a USB Type-C cable. Specifically, you’ll need a USB-C to Lightning cable, a power brick, or Type-C electric outlet that supports the USB-C power delivery specification.

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Here is my recommendation. Don’t ever get a $9.00 Lightning to USB Type-C cable on Amazon, it is not going to work. Trust me. Apple controls the Lightning side of the specification and has dominated this sector by putting a certification on their devices. No other third-party manufacturers have this specification on their own USB-C lightning cables yet. Thus, any other types of cable without being certified by Apple will not work on your iPhone, and could potentially harm your phone.

Adding on that, do you really want to put something that’s not guaranteed into your brand new $1,000 iPhone? I cannot emphasize enough the recommendation to play it safe and stick with Apple’s USB-C cable, if a cable is what you’re looking to buy. Most of the Lightning cables are Apple certified, so make sure to get the offerings of Apple, otherwise run the risk of damaging your $1000-plus phone.


So why is the USB Type-C charger better and why is every company changing their charging cables to a type-C cord? Here are a few reasons why the USB-C cable is better:

  1. The reversible ambidextrous USB connector allows the user to plug in left or right, either side. If you are like me who always plugs in the USB Type-A the wrong way time after time, then the USB type-C is perfect for you.
  2. The USB Type-C connector has a faster charging speed than your regular USB Type-A cords. To understand this, here is a brief history:

                                                            USB History 101

When USB was first created years ago (back when a loaf of bread costed a dime), the intention for this creation was for transferring data only, not for powering devices.

Then manufacturers created devices that are smaller and they tried to make them as convenient to us as possible. The best way was by using the same USB port as a power cord. This led to the development of a dedicated battery charging cable called USB charging 1.1.

Fast forward through history, we see the development of USB 1.2, 2.0, 3, and 3.1, each an improvement over its predecessor, until the greatest invention of the century (greatest in the USB word), the USB TYPE-C charging cable.

3. This 3D picture shows the general layout of a USB Type-C connector which is way more complex than a regular USB Type-A connector:type c 3d pic

The bottom picture shows how simple a USB Type a connector is.

type A usb

Mind blowing right? 

In comparison the USB Type-C can withstand much higher wattage than regular USBs. The current USB Type-C 3A has the capacity to withstand 15amp wattage, providing you a super quick charge to your device.

Look at the table below to compare the different cables.

Specification Current Voltage Power
USB 1.x and 2.0 500 mA 5 V 2.5 W
USB 3.x 900 mA 5 V 4.5 W
USB Battery Charging (BC 1.2) 0.5–1.5 A 5 V 2.5–7.5 W
USB Type-C 1.5 A 5 V 7.5 W
Newest USB Type-C 3 A 5 V 15 W

For more information on specifics visit pocketnow.com and learn about different USB types and speeds. http://pocketnow.com/2015/10/14/nexus-quick-charging-explained

Another way to fast charge your device:

Installing a USB Type-C electric outlet… seriously, it will charge your phone faster.

One of the worst things that can happen is you go to charge your device, then realize you don’t have an adapter.  What a pain!  You have to lug around this bulky adapter just to charge your phone? Annoying…and where is the darn thing anyway?

Forget this outdated outlet. Upgrade your home to a smart home.

Here are 3 reasons why you should get the TU21548AC:

  1. Convenience

Imagine, every time you need to charge your phone, simply plug in the cable and voila! Hassle Free. No adapter needed.


  1. Faster charge for your phone

This electric outlet has 4.8 amp which gives a faster and controlled power to charge your smart phone. At the same time, the built-in function of this outlet has overcharge device protection that prevents damage to your battery unit.

TU21548ac 3d image CHANGE

  1. Increase the value of your home

For many people when choosing a home, it is the little details that impress the buyer or the tenants. Installing a smart switch inside your home shows that it’s up to date with current technology. Impress home shoppers with this inexpensive, simple upgrade.

home comfort

To learn more, click on the video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6NeV0iQvY0

The generation is always looking for faster ways to charge their devices. Companies like Samsung and Apple are always coming out with new technology to fast charge phones. You could invest in the USB Type-C, 6 times faster than your original old cables.

However, to really fast charge your phone you need a smart Electric Outlet.

TOPGREENER offers the outlet model TU21548AC, a smart outlet with built-in features to charge quicker and protect your battery from overcharge, not to mention increase the value of your home for a small price.

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