DiY Wall Plate Holiday Crafting Ideas

Create holiday themed wall plates with this easy DiY guide.

DiY Wall Plate Holiday Crafting Ideas

It’s that time of the year to go through your attic, and dust off those Christmas decorations. After you’ve decked the halls, why not take your decorations even further by crafting holiday covers for your light switches and power outlets? This easy Do-It-Yourself project has five short steps that can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Crafting Materials & Tools Checklist

To get started you will need the following:

  • wall plates

  • printing sticker paper – 8.5” x 11” sheets

  • scissors

  • X-Acto knife (recommended but not required)

  • screwdriver

  • pen

  • computer with color printer.

I recommended getting a new pack of wall plates so that you can easily swap back to the originals when you’re ready to take down your holiday decorations. Here are the most common available wall plate styles:

toggle switch wall plate , duplex outlet wall plate , blank cover wall plate, decorator switch wall plate.

You can purchase ten packs of these at Save 10% off when you use the following Coupon Code: WP10GIFT . Valid from 12/2/17 to 12/8/17.

After you have all the materials and tools, you will need a template for printing your designs. I’ve created cutting templates for the different wall plate sizes. You can download them using the following links.

1-Gang Wall Plate Template

2-Gang Wall Plate Template

3-Gang Wall Plate Template

4-Gang Wall Plate Template

Wall Plate Decorating Steps

Step 1.

Find a design pattern from a high-quality image (300dpi recommended) and print it onto the front of the sticker paper.

Place the printed design sheet back into the printer on the opposite side for printing. Print the wall plate template you downloaded onto the back of the sticker paper.

Your printed sheet should look like the following on the front and back.

Step 2.

Place a wall plate upside down on the backside of the sticker sheet (this is the side with the printed template). Using a pen, trace the openings for the wall plate. This example uses a toggle switch opening with two screw holes.

tracing template
Trace the wall plates insides. The additional space on the outside is meant to wrap around the plate for a flush look.

Step 3.

Using a X-Acto knife (or other cutting tool) cut out the tracings you made in step 3.  Use a cutting board so that you don’t damage your table or floor while cutting.

Roll of blank white paper ready for type, isolated

Step 4.

Using a scissor, cut alone the guide lines of the template. Once finished, peel the sticker off and apply it to the wall plate, but DO NOT APPLY THE SCREW STICKERS AT THIS STEP.

businesswoman cutting a paper that reads we cantsticker_application_new

Step 5.

Remove your original wall plates using a screwdriver, and then install the  the decorated ones. Lastly, peel off the stickers for the screws cutouts. Apply them onto the screws, and WALLAH!

Light Switch with Sticker.jpg

The finished product above has some additional designs I added to my print. You can customize yours as well using a photo editing program. Share your results below in the comment section.