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Dimmer Switch Options and New Deals

Whether you’re a home owner, an apartment dweller, a licensed electrician, commercial contractor, or an up-and-coming DIY-er, you’re probably on a budget when it comes to home improvement.  So an article about installing a dimmer switch doesn’t really seem like it would be for you.  They typically cost more and take more time to install.  So what’s all the fuss about?  I don’t know about you but I like to save money and time.  Why on earth would I invest in something that is neither of those things?

save money on energy

Well said right?  A dimmer switch can be more complicated to install, and will usually require more up-front costs than a regular light switch.  But think long term.  A dimmer switch gives functionality and versatility to lighting options and saves on energy.  It’s time to start saving!

A Typical Light Switch

Let’s break down the basics of light switches.  First you have your essential light switches.  These are typically single-pole toggle switches that have two terminals that turn power on or off.

simple basic toggle light switch

Three-way switches have three terminals and four-way switches have four.  This refers to controlling the same light from two or three different locations, such as the top and bottom of a stairway or the front and back entry ways of a kitchen.

light switches at the top and bottom of a staircaseA basic 15 amp two way single-pole toggle light switch runs anywhere from $0.88-$6 at Home Depot.  It gets the job done.

A Dimmer Switch

A dimmer switch requires 2 upfront investments: time and money.  The time investment deals with installing the switch.  The money means it costs more.  The switch itself costs more, and it is recommended that a licensed electrician does the installation.  Here’s the skinny:

A dimmer switch gives you light intensity options.  Sometimes you want soft lighting in the morning or evening in your bedroom.  You might want set the mood for a romantic meal in your dining room.  Your latest Etsy craft order might require more lighting as you put on the finishing touches.  Using a dimmer switch allows you to control the intensity of your light output.

Dimmer Switch Options

There are a lot of options when it comes to dimmer switches.  The most common type of dimmer switch is the rotary dimmer.

rotary dimmer switch

Its operation is fairly simple.  Rotate to the right for brighter lighting and to the left for dimmer lighting.

Another option for dimmers is a sliding dimmer.  These come in several forms but all function the same.

sliding dimmer switches

Slide up for brighter lighting and push down for dimmer lighting.

Dimming Range

Please be aware that not all dimmer switches are created equal.  One big variable is dimming range.  Many dimmers currently set their minimum at 40-60%.  Some go as low as 20%.  A full range dimmer switch is the most flexible, allowing you to turn the lights completely off at 0%, keep them extremely low at 12%, or to crank it up to 100%.  This versatility saves energy.

Electrical Savings

Dimming LEDs, similar to the process with fluorescent sources, saves energy at a roughly 1:1 ratio. This means that if you dim LEDs down to 50% of their light output, you save nearly 50% of the associated energy use. While it is true that LEDs are already very efficient compared to almost any other light source, you save even more energy by dimming them.  This is the savings I was referring to!  Over time the dimmer will more than pay for itself.


The TGDS-120 is a universal switch that replaces any light switch for precise control of home or commercial lighting, and it just happens to be 20% off now on Amazon!!!

Topgreener TGDS-120 dimmer switch

It easily adjusts the lighting to create versatile scenes and save energy. Press and hold your finger on the UP arrow for full brightness or press and hold the bottom arrow to completely shut off the lights or dim them down to your liking. This dimmer switch is full range, giving you complete flexibility and control over your lighting options.  It is ideal for dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, or any rooms that require the dimming of lights. It compliments restaurants and lounges as well as classrooms, hotels, theaters and concert halls.

Issues with compatibility are probably the greatest source of frustration among people who install light dimmer switches in their homes. To remedy this, we have manufactured the TGDS-120 to work and be compatible with all lighting. Be assured that LED, CFL, Incandescent, Halogen and Fluorescent lighting are all compatible, making the buying and installation process that much easier.  Most of all, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you bought a compatible product.

An Add-On For More Options

We even took it a step further and made an add-on for the TGDS-120.  The TGDS3K is an add-on dimmer switch specifically for the TGDS-120, giving you 3-way application.

TGDS3K, an add on dimmer switch

The TGDS-120 stand along allows you to dim the lights from one location.  The TGDS3K works with it to allow you to fully dim and turn the lights on and off from multiple locations. This is perfect for rooms that have two entryways or two switches that control the same set of lights.

control your lights from multiple locations

Now that you know all about light switches and dimmer switches, what will you choose for your lighting needs?  Take advantage of our current 20% off deal and let the dimmer switch start paying for itself even sooner.