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Data Comm, Wall Plates, and You

Believe it or not, there are people alive today who can recall the routine use of payphones and landlines.  I know you’ve heard of these but may or may not recall using them in your lifetime.  Why am I mentioning these?  Do people really even use these today?  Believe it or not, they do.  While you might not see payphones in use anymore, landlines are still very much a part of our lives.  They might not appear in our homes anymore, but they are prevalent in business settings.

business lady

Landlines offer clear connections wherever they are installed, unlike cell phones that rely on tower signals that may weaken in certain spots and compromise sound and data transfer quality.

RJ 11

A landline telephone uses a cord commonly referred to as RJ11.


You’ve seen these I’m sure.  RJ stands for “registered jack” and was originally designed by phone companies to identify analog voice lines (landlines). Usually you find RJ11s with 6 positions, which are metallic pins found on the underside of a phone jack.  Then you usually find either 4 or 6 conductors.  Conductors refers to the number of lines going through.  Four conductors will accommodate up to two lines and six conductors will accommodate up to three lines.  This is important to know when purchasing connector wall plates.

Wall Plates


Enerlites offers four wall plates that give you access to RJ11 telephone jacks.  The 6631-W  is a 6 position 6 conductor, the 6611-W is a 6 position 4 conductor,  the 6651-W is a 6 position 4 conductor duplex telephone jack, and the 6671-W is a 6 Position 6 Conductor duplex telephone jack.

66 series

These wall plates replace standard wall plates with ones made from unbreakable Polycarbonate thermoplastic.  That means the material is flexible and durable.


If bent in packaging, transport or installation, the wall plate is assured to return to its original shape and provide you with long lasting use.  It can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and can withstand heavy impact. A smooth finish makes it easy to clean and maintain an attractive appearance. The line of RJ11 wall plates are easy to install with jacks that are already terminated and ready to replace existing Data/Voice locations.

business area

Keystone Wall Plate

Wire management is a beast of a project.  These days everything comes with a connection cord of some kind requiring power.  Is this a familiar scene?

messy wiring

If you ever finally get everything plugged in to the right place, you’re still left with a mess of cords right? Keystone wall plates are used in commercial and industrial settings to attach telecommunication cables to a junction box, surface mount box, or mud ring.

messy wiring 2

Enerlites keystone wall plates come with varying numbers of ports.

Keystone Wall Plates with different amount of ports:

887 series        8871-W                   8872-W                    8873-W                    8874-W                   8876-W

Like the RJ11 Wall Plates, all keystone wall plates are also made from unbreakable Polycarbonate thermoplastic.  A smooth finish makes it easy to clean and maintain an attractive appearance. They are easy to install with minimal tools required.  The ports are intended for multimedia applications such as Voice/Data and Audio/Video. Giving the ability to have all multimedia ports in one location.

6 keystones

F Type Adapter

Another concept you might associate with dinosaur times is cable television.   That’s because internet TV and video streaming sites are taking over the air waves.  Does cable television still exist?  Sure it does.  You might not see rabbit ears as much as in the past, but people still subscribe to cable TV and satellite TV.  These require F connectors (known as F-type).  An F connector is a gendered, threaded compression connector for radio frequency signals.  Typically the male end of the wire  connector is inserted to the female in-wall coaxial adapter, as pictured here in the Enerlites 6601-W.

F type

This is a single F-type adapter.  We also have duplex F-type adapters.


To accommodate more diverse needs, we have the Enerlites 6641-W, an F-type adapter plus 6 position 4 conductor RJ11 telephone jack in one wall plate.  We also have the Enerlites 6661-W an F-type adapter with 6 position 6 conductor RJ11 telephone jack as an alternative depending on multimedia application.


These wall plates offer you a better home wiring management system.  It supports a cleaner, more organized look.

plug in

As with our other wall plates, these wall plates are also made of Polycarbonate thermoplastic and can resist heat up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

In only a matter of years we’ll all be using wireless charging and all this wire management and wall plate installation will be minimal.  Until then, de-clutter your work space at home and on the job because electricity in some form or another is here to stay.

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