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Building a Charging Station

A home or office charging station is a good idea.  It’s nice to have a centralized place where your devices can charge.  If you think about it, most electrical devices have a designated receptacle in your home.  A KitchenAid or Instant Pot rules the kitchen counter receptacle; a hair dryer owns the bathroom receptacle; your printer and desktop computer take over the receptacles in the office.  It just makes sense that your electronic devices have a spot of their own, too.  You can create a designated charging station where your smartphones and tablets can charge.

USB Outlet

For a charging station that makes a statement, you might be interested in a USB outlet.  A receptacle with USB ports built right in can eliminate even more clutter.  It also achieves the maximum level of organization and neatness.  A few years ago Top Greener unveiled the TU2154A and it quickly became a Best Seller on Amazon and earned the “Amazon’s Choice” banner.

USB charger outlet TU2154A with Amazon's choice banner

This receptacle replaced standard in-wall receptacles with something that gives more options.  You still have 2 standard power outlets, but in addition, you also have 2 USB ports.  Each port can reach up to 2.4A on a standalone charge, and have a combined total of 4.0A.  It was one of the first of its kind out on the market and remains a popular item today.

Upgraded from the TU2154A is the Top Greener TU21548A.

TU21548A in wall usb charger outlet

They might look the same but this one’s got more power.  The USB ports have a combined total output of 4.8A.

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Our Latest USB Outlet

As a forward thinking company, we are trying to meet the growing power needs of our customers.  At the start of 2018 we unveiled our newest USB outlet.  The Top Greener TU21558A3 is a three port Type-A USB outlet with 2 standard power outlets.

in wall usb charger outlet with 3 usb ports

It is equipped with IntelliChip technology, that reads the power needs of the device to deliver maximum power without overcharging the device.  The outlets also features tamper-resistant shutters that prevent foreign objects from being inserted into the device.

The TU21558A3 is designed with interchangeable snap-on face covers to match any wall.  It comes with 3 colors: white (attached), black, and light almond.

interchangeable snap-on face covers for usb outlet

Keep in mind these USB outlets do not come with wall plates.

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DIY Charging Station

A lot of DIYers have come up with clever solutions to home charging stations.  Some clever creations include converting a shoebox, magazine rack, or letter organizer into a charging station.

shoe box converted charging station

letter organizer converted usb charging station

magazine rack converted charging station

One of my favorites is the dish drainer iPad charging station.

dish rack converted usb charging station

A phone charging station is a great first step to organizing cord clutter and centralizing the charging needs of a household, classroom or office.  But often times, it does not eliminate the cord clutter issue completely.  If you look closely at many setups, there is still a power strip with bulky adapters behind the scenes.  In addition, some situations force you to compromise the number of items being powered in one location, or you compromise electric output.  Let’s next zoom in on the power side of a charging station.

USB Power Strip

A popular solution to setting up a good charging station is to get a USB power strip.  This gives you a USB outlet and eliminates the need of a bulky adapter.  You can get a USB power strip with varying numbers of charging ports.  Amazon’s Choice for a surge protector power strip with USB charging ports is made by BESTEK.

power strip with usb ports

This power strip has 4 USB ports as well as 8 outlets.  With this option, you probably won’t be forced to compromise what gets powered when.  But it does take up a lot of space, and might be harder to hide when trying to organize and create a clutter-free charging station.

Narrower options are available, such as the Hitrends power strip with 3 AC outlets and 3 USB charging ports.

power strip with 3 outlets and 3 usb ports

Important Power Strip Specifications

When looking at any power strip, think about the space you need to hide it, and the number and types of devices it will power.  Not all power strips are created equal, either.  Look at the specifications of each to understand its total power output capabilities.  When considering a power strip with USB ports at your charging station, you might find that each USB port has a different output capability, as in the BESTEK choice mentioned.  In addition, you will see that powering multiple devices at once could compromise individual port power outputs.  Knowing the power needs and capabilities of your devices as well as the output capabilities of the power strip will ensure you get the best possible solution.

For example, let’s look at USB charging.  A Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a charger that reads 5.0V/2.0A.  This means that it is capable of taking in a maximum current of 2.0A total output.  Under these circumstances, this will be the fastest speed at which that device can charge.  A USB charger port with an output of 1.0A will charge the device, but at lower speeds.  Older phones have a maximum current tolerance of 1.0A, and will as a result charge at lower speeds, even when plugged into a 2.0A port.

USB Plug-In Charging Solutions

If a power strip is not your cup of tea, try other plug-in solutions.  These look like charging banks with multiple USB charging ports, and it is powered by a regular electric plug.  With these types of products you can charge multiple USB-powered devices simultaneously at one location without adapters.

Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in this category currently is the RavPower 6-Port USB charger.

plug in usb charger with 6 ports

This USB charger allows you to charge up to 6 devices simultaneously and has a total output of 12amps.  You’ll notice that the top USB port is green in color. This identifies the port as a certified Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port.  Qualcomm certified devices will charge at top speeds when plugged into this port.

Another Best Seller on Amazon is the iClever BoostCube.

usb travel charger with 2 ports

This wall charger has just 2 USB ports but is perfect for minimal USB power needs or travel.  The powers have a combined output of 4.8A.

Plug-in options are the simplest solutions for organizing your charging station.  There are so many choices out there that will surely meet your price, space, and power needs.

Next Steps

What will you do to create, update, or upgrade your charging station?  Share your ideas here!