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Build Your Home Automation for Electric Saving

How will the world look in 20 years? Will we still have a world where streams of water and lines of lily flowers flow in the river? Are we still going to be able to see the wild beasts in the magnificent green mountains that are roaming free with their child-lings? The clock is ticking and our planet is not like it used to be. If we continue to waste energy and bleed electricity, we are going to see our animals extinct, rivers dried up, and the nature that once was will be destroyed by human pollution.

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The HET06 helps solve a common pollution problem, energy waste. Much of our energy waste comes from unoccupied lights and fan. When we finish using the bathroom or kitchen, it is easy to forget to turn off the lights and fans. When you install an HET06 timer switch for your house you can set the time for your lights to your desired time lapse. If you forget to turn off the lights, your lights automatically turn off at the pre-set time.






How about maximizing the efficiency of your electricity output by installing energy saving LED light bulbs? LED light bulbs not only save you on your electricity bill, but are also longer lasting. Theyare dimmable, which is another great way to save electricity. An additional benefit for dimming your lights is that it is good for the overall health of your eyes. When you dim your house your eyes are less stressed due to the lower brightness of your surroundings. This is a win win for both your electricity bill and your overall health.

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An easy way to track your energy spent is to calculate the amount of time your light is turned on. By using the HET06 with LED lights, you are more aware of how much time you have been spending with your lights on. This can help you to become more conscious of your electricity output.

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Another great tool to install in your house is the TSOS5 motion sensor switch. This is an occupancy sensor with the addition of an always-on switch. This sensor switch automatically turns on the lights when you enter a room and automatically turns off the lights when motion is no longer detected.

As flu season is near, this hands free switch can help you save on electricity and prevents germs from spreading.

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So, if you’re a typical parent who is always yelling, “Billy! Stop leaving the lights on for the millionth time!” Or if you often catch yourself mumbling when you found your wife left the lights on again, “Do you think I am made out of money”, these items are perfect for you.

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The HET06 switches come with easy to follow instructions. If you encounter any problems during installation you can also use our technician’s instructions on the video below:

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