Asian American Expo 2018: Recap


Do you find yourself thirsty for the next big thing?  Are you starving for info on the latest and upcoming tech trends?  Do you crave new and unique products from faraway places? Or are you just hungry like me?

Asian American Expo 2018

The Asian American Expo is an annual event. It began over 35 years ago and originally was made up of 60 exhibitors wanting to bring the Asian community together.  It was created by the CCYP organization that brought companies and services to Asian American consumers to make it easier for them to find the services and goods they needed.  The first expo was filled with food and fun and celebrated the Chinese American culture.  It started with 60 booths.  Over the years word of the event grew and it garnered more attention.  It continues to aid in networking among the Asian American community, but has morphed into a bigger event.  Now it is held close to the Lunar New Year to celebrate and give visitors a taste of what the Chinese New Year celebration is like in Asia.  It is still a great place for vendors to showcase their products, but is also a place to exchange and celebrate Asian culture, to try new food, and to take in entertaining performances.  In 2018, the event, held in Pomona, California, featured 1000 vendors, 100 food stalls, 9 live performance stages, a parade, food eating contests, and a photo contest.


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Shawn and Anthony may look too cool for school, but they had a lot of fun telling everyone about TOPGREENER!

Topgreener had the privilege of participating in the Asian American Expo this past weekend.  Our main goal was to create greater brand awareness.  We are a company specializing in home improvement technology rapidly growing and increasing our market share within America.  Not only did we educate visitors about Topgreener, but Topgreener was able to learn and experience a unique community that prides on coming together to celebrate and share a rich culture. The expo began as a way to help an early generation of immigrants adjust to a new life and provide a better future for the next generation, and we are honored and excited to be a part of that by providing better home living.

We wanted to showcase our latest gadgets and products that keep our users on the cutting edge of technology.  Some of our top sellers and newest products were available for testing and use.

Countdown Timer Switches – TGT08-4 and HET06A

The TOPGREENER TGT08-4 is a countdown timer switch that replaces wall switches to control lights, fans, or other loads on a preset time delay. There are eight timer options to choose from, 1, 5, 10, 30, 45 min, 1, 2, 4 hours. Save energy and have peace of mind knowing that unused lights will always shut off.

This timer switch is ideal in a variety of applications, from bathroom fan control to garage light control. Use the TGT08-4 to control the bathroom fan and clear out moisture after a shower. Or use it in the garage, where lights are easily forgotten.

This timer switch works with most types of light bulbs, including LED and CFL light bulbs. A neutral wire is required for the switch to work properly.

The HET06A is a timer switch with the shortest amount of time lapse in the HET06 series. This timer switch is great for setting up in the bathroom, garage, laundry room, and areas where occupancy is generally a shorter period of time. Once the time lapse expires, lights automatically switch off, promoting energy efficiency and minimizing waste.

The HET06A comes in white, and can be easily installed into your wall. The switch comes with 7 finger push buttons: 1 ,5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 minutes options, and one main setting button.


Programmable Timers HET01-C and HET01

The HET01-C is a device used to preprogram your home’s indoor & outdoor lighting. The light switch provides you 18 unique on/off settings for each day of the week. The switch also comes with an RND (random) feature to engage automatically when you’re away from home.

The programmable timer also controls ventilation fan lights, making it a great option for bathrooms, outdoor irrigation systems, indoor and outdoor lights. Works with LED, CFL, and most types of light bulbs.

The Enerlites HET01 programmable timer switch is the best tool to program your in-home lights. The smart switch has a Prog button which sets 18 unique on/off settings for each day of the week, including the RND (random) feature to deter unwanted intruders. It’s easy to install and user friendly. It is great for controlling interior, exterior, and seasonal lighting.

The HET01 is easy to program. The switch uses 4 indicators to set day, hour, programming mode, setting options for an entire day, individually selected days of the week, or all 7 days of the week. The programmable timer is also suitable for ventilation fan lights, bathroom lights, outdoor irrigation systems, and indoor lights. It works with LED, CFL, and most types of light bulbs.


TGDS Dimmer Switch

This universal dimmer replaces any light switch for precise control for your home or commercial lighting. The TGDS Dimmer Switch easily adjusts the lighting to create versatile scenes and save energy. Press and hold your finger on the UP arrow for full brightness or press and hold the bottom arrow to completely shut off the lights or dim then down to your necessity. Ideal for dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, or any room that require the dimming of lights.

USB Charger Receptacles TU1152QCAC3, TU2154A, TU21548A, TU11558A3

The TU1152QCAC3 is compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge technology.  Quick Charge 3.0 employs Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage (INOV) to enable optimum power transfer while still maximizing power charging efficiency. Charging faster than conventional chargers, Quick Charge 3.0 can charge devices in faster time than it takes to watch your favorite show on TV, so you can come home, plug the phone and leave in no time at all. Each port charges twice as fast as QuickCharge 1.0 and is more efficient than Quick Charge 2.0.

TOPGREENER TU2154A Dual USB Charger Outlet charges two USB devices simultaneously without power adapters at high speeds of up to 4A total charging capacity. The two USB charging ports deliver the optimum power to charge devices at their highest charging efficiency. Join the home trend now and replace standard in-wall electrical outlets with the TU2154A 4.0A High Speed USB Charger Outlet for convenient, adapter-free charging.

This 4.0A USB charger is the ideal charging solution for home and commercial use. Users can charge two devices at the same time using the two USB ports and leave the two outlets free for other power needs. Install the TU2154A in your bedroom, living room, kitchen island, and any other room to make charging fast, easy, and convenient. Two wall plates are included with the TU2154A: (1) screwless style, (1) traditional decorator style.

The Topgreener TU21548A USB outlet wall charger combines IntelliChip technology and ultra-high-speed charging in an all in one outlet.  IntelliChip provides smart and speedy charging by accurately reading the power need of your device and optimizing charging efficiency. Charge two devices simultaneously without overheating, overcharging, or sacrificing charging speed.  Each USB outlet is capable of high-speed charging for small devices at 2.4A maximum.   (This does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.)  Each power outlet is tamper-resistant and marked with a TR to show compliance. TR outlets are required in most businesses, and residences.  They ensure that no foreign objects can be inserted into the receptacle, safe guarding them from your kids and pets.

The TOPGREENER TU11558A3 5.8A Three-Port USB Charger Outlet with Interchangeable USB Module is the smart solution when it comes to a speedy and safe charge of your portable USB devices. Combining an interchangeable click-on USB module, IntelliChip technology, and a 15A tamper resistant (TR) receptacle, the TU11558A3 features three USB ports with a total output of 5.8A. It gives users the fastest charge possible while also making it easy and convenient to change out the face covers.  With just a charging cable (and no bulky adapter), you can now charge up to three devices without an adapter while giving your space a clean and polished look! (Does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge technology.)  The TU11558A3 offers convenient charging to your devices in both residential and commercial areas, such as living rooms, bedrooms, airports, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, etc. Power charging is now fast, easy, and convenient.

We at Top Greener loved the chance to showcase our products, but we also had a good time checking out some of the other exhibitors.  We went to share, but we also went to learn.  One of our favorites was Bodyfriend.  Bodyfriend is the maker of luxury massage chairs and natural latex mattresses.  They debuted several massage chairs and teamed up with Marvel to offer Hug Chairs and Marvel Massage chairs. There were lines for the lines at this booth as everyone wanted a chance to sit and experience these chairs…(or maybe some people were just tired from walking around the expo all day!)

Their massage chairs offer massage balls that rotate in circular motions to offer a full body massage. They also do air massage by pumping air in strategically placed positions in the body of the chair.  These pressure massages are especially effective in the middle and lower regions of the body.  Additionally, the chair’s inner sheets heat up and the massage balls do too, for added optional comfort and affect.  Bodyfriend is working to become THE market creator for well-being devices.

Of course we all like interactive booths whether they be for giveaways, free samples, or just to play a game.  AfreecaTV is a technology based video streaming service based in Seoul, South Korea.  At the expo they were hosting games and giveaways including a chance to win a Nintendo Switch!  AfreecaTV offers functions like live streaming, restreaming of past videos, channel listing, live chatting, and discussion boards. It broadcasts sporting events, live video games, artist events, and live video blogging.  YouTube offers a portal to stream AfreecaTV.  This tech company has been around over a decade, but is now growing in popularity abroad.  It was fun to experience their user interface live as they broadcasted from the expo.

Asian American Expo 2018

Last but never least…the food.  Over 100 food vendors and my mouth was watering nonstop.  Although I could do without the stinky tofu smell, the aroma from the other vendors is nonstop temptation and I always find new and interesting things to try.  This year aside from the unicorn bun and my dry spicy noodles that are always a must, I also got in on Crispy Chicken Cutlet and Suncake.

There’s always something to see, do and learn at the Asian American Expo.  Just over 350 days until the next one!