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As Seen On TV, More Power to USB Charging!

Once upon a time there was no electricity.  No power.  Women washed clothes by hand.  Food was cooked with wood or coal.  Dried dung was used as fuel.  Men used hand tools powered by their own strength to farm and build.  Water was pumped from a well or dragged in buckets from streams.

People have always been fascinated by lightning.  In the 18th century, curious minds started to experiment with ways to harness electricity from lightning.  Benjamin Franklin’s famous kite experiment inspired many to find ways to use electrical power to make light.

kite experiment

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Electricity is relatively new, less than 200 years old.  It started as a convenient luxury used by people living in big cities.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt advocated the use of electricity on farms and brought electricity to rural areas in the US in the 1930’s.  Electric appliances were invented and perfected over the next several decades.  Today, nearly everyone has electric power at home, school, and at work.

Our need for power grows by the day.  Generally speaking, our lives are powered by electrical devices demanding power from traditional power outlets.  It’s not uncommon to have to line up for an outlet or find creative ways to make way for more devices.  Does this picture look familiar?


We’re using power at an alarming rate. We can’t just line our walls with side by side outlets, and scenes like this with power strips and surge protectors and cords flung this way and that just look too cluttered and unorganized.

But we keep plugging in.

With the rise of portable electronic devices, a new wave of power was introduced, USB.  USB powered devices are taking over our lives.  To charge or power these devices, you need a USB cable, and an adapter.

black charger

USB charging has increasingly become a necessity in our daily lives.  The problem is that it takes up our outlets and space.  Carrying around the cord and adapter can become annoying, and it makes our outlets look cluttered.

more clutter

Clearly, there was a need for USB charger outlets.  These are outlets that allow you to plug a USB charging device straight into a receptacle without an adapter.

Just over three years ago TopGreener rose to the challenge and launched the TU2154A.


This residential and commercial use outlet featured two USB ports plus two outlets in one receptacle. It was the most powerful USB outlet on the market, with 4.0 amp total charging capacity.    The tamper-resistant sockets made child and pet safe.  It replaced standard wall outlets and utilized existing wires for easy installation with standard household tools.  Best of all, the TU2154A employed Smart IntelliChip technology to precisely deliver power to a connected device efficiently without overcharging it.


Since its launch, the TopGreener TU2154A has earned Amazon’s Best Seller stamp, the Amazon Choice stamp, and over 3000 reviews with 4.4 star ratings.   A great product right?  Of course it is.  But as with all things, we can still make it better.

And we did.

Last March TopGreener launched an even more powerful USB charger outlet. The TopGreener TU21548A boasts all the elegant features of the TU2154A, but with More Power!  That’s right.  MORE POWER!


This USB charger outlet has two USB ports plus two power outlets, all tamper-resistant, so that you can charge USB devices and utilize the other outlets for other appliances at the same time.  It employs Smart IntelliChip technology that reads the power needs of your device to deliver power at optimal speeds and protects your device from overcharging.  It replaces standard wall outlets with easy installation using common household tools.  AND it has 4.8 amps total charging capacity.  4.8 amps!  Talk about more power!  Loosely translated, this means you get even faster charging times without compromising space or safety.


Shortly after its launch, the TU21548A was labeled the Best Wall Outlet with USB Charging Ports by Wirecutter.  A month later, iMore and Android Central also featured it as the best wall outlet with USB ports.  Since then, bloggers all around have been dazzled and amazed by its performance.

The Top Greener TU21548A is continuing to build its resume.  We recently hosted an As Seen on TV event on the website.  You may recall having seen our promotion on the Travel Channel or DIY Network or Spike TV.  The TU21548A is garnering more attention by the day, and that’s because its amped up power and proven success are unparalleled in today’s market.  See the outlet in use, featured here and grab a special offer!  Visit our website now to snag yours for 40% off, and use promo code ASSEENONTV for free shipping!

We’re feeling generous this holiday season, we we’re gifting you with power, affordability, convenience, and quality.  Clean up your charging stations, make your outlets more efficient, power your devices even faster, and upgrade your wall outlets with the TU21548A.