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Are Your Devices Ready for the Big Game?

Finally it’s here!  We’re nearing the end of football season, both college and professional.  College football’s biggest game is just moments away!  The college football playoff is wildly popular.  It draws millions of viewers, and retailers like Best Buy and Rent a Center cash in on fans looking to make their viewing parties a cut above the rest.  Flat screens, surround sound speakers and more are flying off the shelves.  Bowl games all over the country lead up to the college football playoff games where four top teams compete for the national title.football1

The college football playoff is relatively new.  There used to just be a bunch of bowl games.  Now a selection committee seeds the top four teams and they compete for the title.  It’s a lot funner format to watch.  But I personally hope that one day they go to an 8 team playoff and they let the players duke it out.  Four just isn’t enough, and having a committee “select” doesn’t seem fair for programs that haven’t already established themselves as big players.  Take away some of the lesser bowl games and put an 8 team playoff.  You get the top teams from each conference plus some wild cards, and those will be some great games.

What I like about football is the organization required to execute precise plays.  It’s a lot harder than it looks.  Have you seen the sidelines?  Look how many people are involved!  There are so many people on and off the field, before, during, and after games.  It’s almost ridiculous.  And yet, it’s something that draws some of the biggest crowds.

Advertisers love these kinds of events because it’s a great way to reach a lot of people at once.  While the most expensive airtime happens during the super bowl, college football playoff games aren’t too far behind.  Have you noticed the interactive ads that come on TV now?  Not just on TV, but on the internet too.  There are short ad clips that play all over the place and you can click to get more information, to vote, share your opinion, be polled, etc.

During live games, a lot of advertisers like to have you tweet or “like” them on Facebook after watching their commercial to encourage sharing their ad, conversation about their products, and they offer incentives for doing this.  Sometimes you get entered into a drawing, or you get a coupon code, or some other incentive.

Top Greener recently released a spot for its TU21548A.  This is a powerful USB charger outlet that has a total charging capacity of 4.8 amps.


It has two USB ports plus two power outlets, all tamper-resistant, so that you can charge USB devices and utilize the other outlets for other appliances at the same time.  You won’t see it on during a bowl game, but you can watch it here right now!

I imagine if you’re hosting a party at your place to watch a big game, you’ll have a lot of people over.  And with every person comes a device, am I right?  These days I don’t know anyone who leaves the house without their smartphone.  It’s as important as taking your keys!  Or more!  And while people watch the games, they’ll be texting their friends, checking the scores of other games, looking at what people are saying about the game on Facebook and Twitter, checking Instagram for their friends who are at the game live, looking up player stats and bios, and posting pictures of the food they’re eating.


Keeping up socially is so important these days, especially during times like these with all the games and excitement going on.  All this requires a lot of power.  I’m talking electrical power.  Newer smartphones have really long battery life.  But if you’ve got WiFi and Bluetooth on, and if you’re constantly texting, tweeting, liking and hashtagging, you’re using up battery life.  And what’s worse than being away from home and running out of juice in your phone?


More than likely the world will not end, because your host if you’re not home will have a charger you can use.  And if you’re home, you’ve already got what you need.  But what do you do when there are multiple people needing to charge at the same time?  You don’t want to have to find an outlet in a different room and leave your phone 30 feet away!  And you don’t want to offend your friend by unplugging his phone just to charge yours.  It could leave some sore feelings.

Enter Top Greener’s latest release devices…tamper-resistant receptacles with built-in USB ports.  You might be familiar with our Amazon Best Seller the TU2154A.


This is a receptacle that replaces your current receptacle.  It has two sockets to power two appliances, and it also has two USB ports to power USB devices without adapters.  It’s a quick DIY that will change your life!  You might look at this and if you’re like me, this might come to your head:  There’s no such thing as a DIY if it involves electricity.  Next, you’re thinking, I need to call an electrician, reschedule my day to be available during the window they give, and pay the person!  Sounds like a lot of work for a little outlet.  Well.  Listen up.  I’m a mom with a degree in marketing.  The closest I’ve ever come to electrical work is plugging in my smartphone.  And yet, in under 10 minutes I was able to install the TU21548A.  When we say DIY, we really mean it.  You can do it!

No more adapters to lug around, no more messy looking outlets.  No more sacrificing one device in order to power another.  You can do it all now!  Isn’t that great?  The TU2154A has a total output of 4.0amps. Best of all, its tamper-resistant shutters are a safety feature great for homes with little ones or pets.  They prevent the insertion of foreign objects.  No electrocution worry.  And you don’t need to plug up unused outlets with those cheap plastic baby-proofing outlet covers that really are not baby-proof.  Tamper-resistant shutters ensure safety and are a staple among all our devices.

The As Seen On TV featured TU21548A that I just wrote about is its younger sister with more power.  It’s all the safety, speed, and efficiency of the TU2154A, but with a total output of 4.8amps.

It’s awesome right?  Powering all these devices at once.  Just picture it in your mind.  Better yet, see it here:


Everyone is plugged in.  Everyone is happy.  The end.  Or is it?

Well, the best just got better.  We now have the TU11558A3 and the TU21558A3.


The Top Greener TU11558A3 is a USB charger outlet with 3 USB charging ports in addition to a tamper-resistant power outlet.  It uses smart intelliChip technology to read the power needs of the devices to safely and efficiently charge them without overcharging or overheating them.  It’s an easy DIY installation that comes with a wall plate.  This baby gives fast charging times to all your devices.  (Does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge technology.)


Taking things a step further, the TU21558A3 also has 3 USB charging ports, but it has not one but two power outlets.  So you can actually power five things at the same time.  That’s right.  Five simultaneously powered devices!


Three people can be charging their phones, and you can still have the lamp and the fan plugged in too.  Plus it also comes with smart intelliChip technology to maximize speed and efficiency.  It comes with a white wall plate attached, and you can easily change it out for light almond or black.


What I love about these wall outlets is they are great to have even after bowl season!  USB charger technology is so widespread that these are almost becoming a necessity.  Eliminating the need for adapters, these receptacles allow you to create a modern, sleek looking power charging station in your home or work space.

Get ready for the big game.  Make sure your fridge and pantry are stocked.  Set up some extra chairs and tables.  And install those charging stations so that your party is the one everyone talks about next year.