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9 best gadgets to get your smart home ready for 2018

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One topic that has become a huge trend is home automation. Home automation gadgets are allowing users to become more efficient. They raise the standard of living and open the door for greater efficiency and organization.

People who are looking to maximize efficiency in life should consider installing these products at home.

Let’s look at….

The 9 gadgets that will turn your home into a smart home


1. Smart refrigerators

smart fridge

Old ways of tracking your food inventory by paper are now obsolete. Smart refrigerators provide a more efficient way to keep track and monitor what goes on in your fridge.

Smart refrigerators have features that include:

  • Food tracking: spoilage notifications based on how long food has been in your fridge
  • Shopping list and recipe recommendations
  • Smartphone connectivity that allows you to check your fridge for missing items while away from your home
  • Ability to showcase family pictures
  • Family schedule management & the ability to post notes and reminders
  • Integration with Amazon assistant, Alexa.

Got a new weight goal for 2018? Smart fridge got you covered.


2. Wi-Fi ovens 

smart oven

This is no ordinary oven. This Wifi Oven turns your smart phone into a remote control for your WiFi connected appliances! The Jenn-Air Appliances Kitchen app gives you the following features:

  • Preheat your oven from the grocery store by turning it on from the app.
  • Set timer alerts for when you are baking or roasting.
  • Change the oven’s temperature from anywhere you are.
  • This Oven can be integrated with Amazon Alexa. See video!

Cooking even when you are not at home is no longer something from the twilight zone, you can now operate your wifi oven and cook something for your family even when you are traveling!

3. Pantelligent


Pantelligent is a smart pan that connects to the internet, accessing the necessary ingredients and instructions for preparing recipes.

The features of this smart pan include:

  • Wireless sensor that’s connected to your smart phone
  • Built-in temperature sensor to shows the temperature of the pan.
  • Compatible app that provides you actual steps on how to cook your food. Follow the instructions and your steak or salmon will come out perfect.
  • Connect to a compatible smart stove where you can turn the heat on your pan into autopilot mode and allow the app to control the temperature of your pan.

Cook a perfect meal with pantelligent and monitor the temperature on your pan at the exact temperature you need. Not only that, but by using the app instructions, no more burnt food!


4. Thermosensor that’s capable of learning your habits


No one likes to be known as predictable and boring, however most of us still stick to a daily routine of some sort. I get up each day at 5:50 am, leave the house for work at 7am, get off work by 4:30 pm, home around 5 pm, and lights out at 11:00 pm. I know, I am a robot.

While my lifestyle is routine and predictable, a Thermosensor tracks my daily routine and matches my daily habits to my house smart appliances. It automatically turns off the light or heat in the house when it recognizes that the house isn’t occupied. Now I never have to lay fingers on my light switch or thermometer.

Here are features of Thermosensor:

  • Sensor to turn on home lights.
  • Tracks whether a room is occupied.
  • Controls central air system base on your daily habits.


5. Programmable light switch


Another smart device to install is the Programmable Light Switch. For 7 days a week, you can now program up to 18 different time sets and you don’t have to manually turn on or off the light. It will automate itself at the pre-set time slot. Install a Programmable Light Switch in your house and keep thieves guessing whether you are at home or not.

  • Program your house lights’ automation for 7 days.
  • Lights will turn on randomly with up to 18 pre-set times everyday.
  • Lights will turn on only at the programmed time to make it looks like someone is at home.
  • Great for people who have a routine schedule.


6. Automatic dustpan

auto sweep bin

Tired of the old way of sweeping into a boring old plastic bin? Automatic dustbin sucks in your sweepings and you no longer have to bend down to sweep out the dust, and don’t get me started with that last line of dust no body can manage to sweep in the bin.

Here are some features for this magical tool:

  • Automatic suction for hair, dust, or dirt.
  • No need to strain your back holding a dustpan.
  • Debris is stored in an easy to dump canister.
  • Includes easy to clean filter.

You can say goodbye to the annoying last line of dust that you never seem to be able to sweep up. Now simply sweep it into an automatic dustpan then, with a good suction, it is good to go.


7. SkyBell


The SkyBell is a handy buzzer that allows you to access your phone to see who is outside of your house when the doorbell was rang. From your smart phone, you can see your front porch from wherever you might be in the world.

  • Ring video doorbell pro allows you to see who is at the door step of your house.
  • Compatible app with 1080p resolution.
  • Integration with Alexa and Google/Alphabet’s Nest.

Knock knock. Who’s there? SkyBell. SkyBell who? SkyBell lets me see who’s in front of my door, and I won’t worry about intruders anymore.


8. USB type-C outlet


Install USB type-C Wall Outlets that supports faster charging speed on your phone at top speed!

Here are 4 reasons why you should install this gadget:

  • USB wall outlets support ultra-high-speed Type-A charging.
  • This wall outlet also supports reversible Type-C USB with total output 4.8A/5VDC, 24W.
  • You can now charge two different devices simultaneously with a Type-A USB port and Type-C USB port.
  • Increase your property value because it looks good!

Next time when your friends come over to your house and ask to charge their phones, simply point towards the USB-C outlet and they’ll be impressed. Replace outdated outlets with this smart outlet and get your home smart home ready.


9. Amazon Alexa


Recently, Amazon has spammed the world with their advertisement about their new AI, Alexa. You may recall the ad where someone calls out “Alexa,” and Alexa automatically responds and provides assistance.

Here are the general functions for this new age AI assistance:

  • Voice interaction
  • Music playback
  • Help you to make a to-do lists
  • Setting alarms
  • Streaming podcasts
  • Playing audiobooks
  • Providing weather traffic, and news

Alexa can also control any home automation that I’ve listed as long as the brand is compatible. Alexa is pretty much your home AI butler that brings home automation to a whole new level.

2018 is right around the corner. Are you ready to change your home into a smart home? Comment below and let us know what you think is the best gadget for a smart home for 2018.

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