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2017 Best Charging Receptacles: Chronicles of Top Greener

From USB Type-A Outlet to USB Type-C Outlet

A couple years ago I went to a coffee shop to do some work. As I was looking for an electric outlet to charge my laptop there were two electric outlets on the wall with two USB Type-A receptacles on each one.  I was so impressed by the fact that I could charge my phone through a USB Type-A cord directly without an adapter.

Table USB type A

Image: Coffee table Outlet

A few years later, I started working at my current company, Top Greener, and found that there are electric outlets that have USB Type-C ports built into the outlet. Completely blew my mind. For those of you who don’t know, the Type-C cord provides much faster charging and data transfer speed. After learning about this, I knew the Type-C connector was going to be the USB to rule over all USBs.

Type C Blew my Mind

Image: Mind blowing Type-C Outlet 

Consider many high-tech items on the market today which are probably going to go on sale for Christmas.  A large majority of these items are either already built with wireless connection or Type-C charging and data transfer. Items such as the Nintendo Switch charge way faster as Type-C items. Plus, every major smart phone brand from Samsung to apple is changing their cords and connection ports from Type-A to Type-C.

2017 hot deals

Image: 2017 Hot Items

Although wireless charging is convenient, transferring data and charging through USB Type-C offers much faster speeds. Frank Azor, the Alienware and XPS general manager at Dell stated in an interview with CNET, “Fast forward five years, you’ll be able to go to an airport and charge your notebook without carrying your AC adapter “.

Let’s Hit on the Facts

So, ask yourself, how are you adapting to this transition?

Count the rooms in your house. Which room do you spend the most time in? If you are a workaholic like myself, the typical response would most likely be your work space.

Are you a workaholic

Image: Are you a workaholic?

Count approximately how many items are in this room that need to be powered by electricity.

In my own work station I have my 27 inch monitor, iPhone, laptop, and Amazon Echo. That’s four devices that need full energy support. Top that with lights, speakers, and other electronics, there just aren’t enough sockets for my electricity output.

room electronics

Image: Count your electronics

Here are 3 issues I realize many people commonly run into when it comes to powering their electronics.

  1. You have to sacrifice the battery life of one device for another because there aren’t enough outlets for charging. This happens often, especially when you have guests in the house.
Not enough outletsImage: Self-explanatory

2. It takes way too long to restore your battery to full battery mode, and usually in the            process, your phone will be overcharged and become damaged.

Rage for slow battery

Image: Slow Battery Charge leads to Rage

     3. You have to constantly carry an extra adapter with you to plug into the wall, and               you are tired of always losing them.

No adapter..

Image: Need Charger..

Consider these three pains, and consider replacing your electric outlet with a smarter outlet. It is less hassle when charging your devices.

Better Work Space Equals Better Efficiency

In investment, how you use your money is how your money will grow in the future. From the same concept, how efficient you can manage your electricity input can determine how efficient your device will run in the long run.

Office space

Image: Efficient Office space

Giant business empires such as Google and Microsoft put tremendous amount of effort in their office space in an effort to provide their employees the best working environment..

Google headquarter

Image: Google headquarter

Take a visit to Google and you will be blown away by their environment. I am not saying you have to model your business like Google, all I am pointing out is technology is crucial, and if you are not building your business with better technology/office equipment, it will be hard for you to compete in the long run.

Here are a some benefits for why you should adapt your energy output smartly:

  1. Prolong longevity and protection for your electronics.
  2. Higher efficiency technology for a comfortable work setting increases work flow.
  3. Convenience with less crowded wiring mess also increases better work flow.
  4. Prevent hazardous electricity short circuits inside your wall.

Researched theory by American Express, companies that upgrades office equipment increase growth by 51%.

Google Fact: Companies that provide the most comfortable environments have higher growth rates.

For a more efficient work space, replace your old outlet with a USB Type-C outlet!

Let’s Hit on the Specs

Top Greener USB Type-C electrical outlet top 5 features:

What’s different between a normal electric outlet and TopGreener’s smart outlet is its built-in small intellichip. With INTELLICHIP, the TU21558AC smart outlet can help you monitor the output of your electricity and ensure the protection of your device and settings.


3D image of tu21548ac

Image: TU21548AC in 3D
  1. The TU21548AC gives you more options and convenience to charge your device; whether through an AC adapter, a USB Type-A cord, or a fast charging USB Type-C port.
  2. The INTELLICHIP short circuit protection detects and prevents electricity short circuiting.
  3. TU21548AC has an overcharge protection sensor built on the chip that monitors your battery charging and prevents your phone from damage caused by overcharging.
  4. TU21558AC has tamper resistance which protects your small children and animals from electric shocks.
  5. TU21558AC is also built with a reliable fire-resistant shell that is durable for hard impact and has better longevity.

Majority Items in 2017 are Type-C Supported 

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I did my fair portion of shopping over the web. And with the new technologies on the market, I was flabbergasted. Sweet electronics, I am in heaven.

Smartphones with even higher charging speeds and camera resolution better than last year, built-in AI technology for home automation, drones that fly in high altitude, and one of the thing that excites me the most, the new Nintendo Switch. Yes, your nerd radar has caught my inner gamer.

switch gamer mode

Image:Gamer mode

As I was going through all the specs of these products I realized a similarity, these hot deals on the market can all be powered using a USB Type-C Cable. How cool is that?

The iPhone X has a lightning to USB Type-C Cable that supports the phone to charge at the fastest speed. Not only does the iPhone X have the USB Type-C supported quick charge, but so do other smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2, HTC, and more.

Image result for mind blowing gifImage result for mind blowing gifImage result for mind blowing gifImage result for mind blowing gifGIF: Mind Blowing

5 Simple Steps to Install TU21548AC 

The installation process for TU21548AC outlet is quick and simple. We even made an instructional video on “YouTube video” for you to follow.

The design of the outlet may be different but the installation process is the same. Subscribe and we’ll keep you posted on other new videos on the latest technologies.


old receptacle vs good receptacles

Image: Install a better, safer, and more reliable Outlet

Simple as that, now you can say good bye to your ugly old outlet, and say hello to your brand new upgraded wall because you have just installed a high-tech smart outlet!

Older electric outlets are outdated. They’re old, ugly, and if you don’t switch them after a period, they may even be dangerous. To work in an environment with more fluidity for your work flow, and bring efficient charging to power your electronics, I recommend a new change.

Which way

Get yourself prepared for the latest technology to come and monitor your environment with more efficient electricity output, faster charging, and data transfer.

type C charge your phone

Image: Fast Charge your Phone with Type-C

One of the most easily neglected household items to update is your home electric outlet. Avoiding updates due to procrastination could lead to short circuiting within the wall and slowly damaging your electronics, leading to other hazardous problems. Older outlets without tamper resistance can also put your little ones in danger of electric shock. Check your electric outlets, perhaps it’s time to consider an upgrade for your wall.

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Let’s go into 2018 with a new charge and a new change. Change is on the way and it’s going to be better, faster, and lighter than ever before.

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Thoughts? Comments below and let us know what you think the future of Electric Charging and Data Transfer!