19 Creative Ways to Decorate Your House for Christmas This Year

19 Creative Ways to Decorate Your House for Christmas This Year

It’s only a couple of days until Christmas! Do you have your house decorated with Christmas spirit? If you are late in the game, don’t worry because we have found you 19 easy ways to decorate your house with beautiful DIY Christmas decor.

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1. Baby Christmas Socks


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Wonderful things come in small packages. Little hanging baby socks little notes to Santa this year is the perfect way to mark the days leading up to Christmas.

2. Candy Cane Mice

candy cane mice

Image source

These mice are loaded with candy canes for your little ones to munch on. Trace your mice out of felt, cut and glue with a hot glue gun, and loop in some candy canes. Spread your candy cane mice across the house and make it a game for your little ones to find during Christmas.

3. Sparkling Cats Eyes

Cats' eyes lights

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1) Trace and cut out some paper cats. 2) Trace them multiple times and cut them out. 3) Poke some eye holes on the kitties. 4) Attach the kittens with lights by pushing the lights through the eye holes. 5) Hang them up on the wall to celebrate his year’s Christmas.

4. Knitted carpet lights

knitting carpet light

Image Source

If you have old carpet pads that you don’t know what to do with, slide some strings of lights through them and place them anywhere. Your house will be brightened by these beautiful knitted carpet lights.

5. Beautiful spray paint Christmas lights

spray paint christmas lights

Image Source

For these awesome Christmas lights simply spray paint the cords with beautiful brass color spray paint, or use any color spray paint. You can get the spray paint from Michaels for 7.99 to 8.99. After you spray and dry the cords, screw back the light bulbs into the cord and hang them up on your wall to embrace the Christmas cheer.

6. Star garland for your wall

star bright light garland

Image Source

4 simple steps to make these Christmas starry lights. 1) Cut out star shapes from craft foaming paper with a hole in the middle. 2) Pop the bulb through the hole. 3) Screw the light bulbs into the cord. 4)Hang them on the wall and you have a starry wall full of bright lights.

7. Pixie Dust lights


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8. Cotton Candy Lights

Cotton candy lightsCotton candy lights hung      Image Source

Delicious Cotton Candy Lights are such a joy. Spray paint a big cotton ball or ball of cotton with your favorite Cotton Candy color and place them around your string of lights. After this is done, glue a cone on the bottom and hang it on your wall. These delicious looking Cotton Candy Lights are going to bring much sweetness into your house this Christmas.

9. Christmas Chandelier (Hula Hoop)

Hula Hoop Chandelier

Image Source

Finally, you can put that hula hoop that has been sitting in the garage collecting dust into good use. Grab some Christmas lights and circle them around the hula hoop. Make it into a beautiful Christmas Chandelier.

10. Paper cup lights on a string

Paper cup and strings

Got many recyclable cups that are no longer needed? Wrap them around with some decorative papers and place some Christmas lights through the cups. It is a great way to decorate your house with beautiful Christmas lights while saving the environment.

11. Ornaments with Firefly Lights

ornament with fire fly lights

Image Source

Christmas ornaments look magical when they are surrounded by fire flies. Put your ornaments inside a portable patio fire pit and decorate them with some lights to bring Christmas magic to your patio.

12. Small Wired Christmas tree

wire Christmas tree

Image Source

In just 3 simple steps you can build your own artificial Christmas tree.  Sometimes real trees aren’t practical due to price or space. Plus, who wants to see trees die? 1) Connect the wires with three different size hoops. You can get the wires from Michaels 2) Bond them together with another 4 wires into a triangle shape and tie it with some strings. 3) Wrap Christmas lights around them. Now you have a small size Christmas tree!

13. String Lights with Colorful Globes


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1) Dye cheesecloth into different colors.  2) Cut the cloth into square shapes that are large enough to cover the bulbs. 3)Glue light bulbs with the colored square shape cloth. and make sure you cover the entire surface. 4) Cover the light bulbs up with cloth.  5) Repeat steps 3 & 4.  6) Let them sit and dry. After they are dry, twist the new colored lights back into the socket, and hang them on your walls.

14. Snow Globe Terrariums

snow globe tarriums

Snow globe terrariums

Image Source

1) Fill your jar 2/3 of fake snow-flakes.  2) Pop your lights in your jar along with your mini decorations. 3) Arrange the orders of where your decoration is going to stand and glue them.  4) Place them where ever you want and. Merry Christmas!

15. Snowflake lights

christmas snowflake lights

Image Source

Even if you live somewhere that has sunshine 24/7/365 you can still string some Christmas snowflakes in your house for holiday cheer by installing these paper bouquets snow lights. Loop the bouquets with some white Christmas cord lights and Whoalah!

16. Origami Lights

Origami string lights

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Add some Asian fusion to your Christmas decorations this year by looping origami paper boxes onto your Christmas light cords!  Each box represents a different present Santa’s bringing this year.

17. On Wall Christmas tree

Christmas Tree

Image Source

Sometimes Christmas trees just take up way too much space in your house. Grab a line of Christmas tree and hang it on your wall! Light this baby up with some lights and wrap it with some ornaments. Now you have a Christmas tree that’s not going to take up all your space!

18. Mason Jars with Firefly lights

mason jars

Image Source

Purchase fire fly lights from Daiso for only 1.99. Pick up a couple of Mason jars and place the lights in the jars. Place these mason jars outside of your house and show your neighbors all the fireflies you have caught in the jar this year.

19. Christmas Lights on a Canvas

christmas lights canvas

Image Source

One of the easiest ways for lazy people to decorate their house is by grabbing some lights and sticking them through each hole you previously poked on the canvas. Place this canvas behind anything and you can and add the Christmas spirit to it. Easily done and they look great!

It’s not too late to decorate your house for Christmas. Plug in your new Christmas decoration lights to the TGT02 Digital Plug in Timer to program your Christmas lights and make your house sparkle with Christmas magic this year.

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